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15th September 2022

How Trickle can help organisations manage change and uncertainty

Change is constant. But workplace culture has shifted dramatically in the last few years with just a few of those changes we’ve faced listed below: COVID-19 brought with it uncertainty, social isolation, and health and economic concerns. Returning to the office, once restrictions were lifted, caused additional employee stress and anxiety, as health worries continued […]

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6th September 2022

How anonymous feedback helps with managing risk for the financial services sector

The financial services industry is heavily regulated, and good conduct is vital. After all, financial services professionals are trusted with people’s most valuable assets.  Therefore, financial services employees need to be able to discuss their concerns with their managers to maintain the reputation of their business and sector.  Anonymous feedback tools can be a simple […]

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29th August 2022

Two Sides to Every Story: Managing Conflict in the Workplace

However much we try to avoid it, conflict in the workplace is an inevitable consequence of mixing together people with different views, backgrounds and personalities. When people have different solutions to the same problems, they’re bound to disagree. As an HR professional, it’s ultimately your responsibility to figure out how to resolve conflict in the […]

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26th August 2022

6 Signs Your Employees Are Burnt Out

Only 23% of UK employees said that their employers had an adequate plan in place to recognise and prevent chronic stress in their employees. This isn’t good enough, far from it. The Difference Between Stress and Burnout Stress  Burnout  Engagement levels are unsustainably high  Engagement levels are unsustainably low (disengaged)  Overreaction to situations  Reactions are […]

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15th August 2022

How to Deal with Change Management in the Workplace

Change is something that the overwhelming majority of employees will experience in their careers. A study by Gartner found that the average organisation had undergone at least five major business transformations from 2017-2020.   Additionally, since the start of the pandemic, workplaces worldwide have been forced to adapt to the evolving public health crisis. The rise […]

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10th August 2022

The 4-Day Work Week — Is it Right for You?

30 UK companies started 2022 with a 6-month trial of the 4-day work week to see whether it increases productivity.  COVID-19 has driven interest in the idea of a 4-day work week, after hybrid and remote working models started becoming the norm. But making it the new normal will require a shift in mindset that […]

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8th August 2022

Why Fun at Work is Important

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing” – Dale Carnegie. The benefits of a positive work environment on engagement, wellbeing and productivity are well known, yet despite this, we are still slightly uncomfortable with the concept of having fun at work. It’s a common perception that fun is something that […]

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5th August 2022

6 Methods for Boosting Employee Participation

Talented people are at the heart of every successful business. Once you’ve assembled an outstanding team, the next step is motivating employees to take an active role in the company’s growth. Employee participation refers to the business activities staff take part in to achieve a common goal. For example, a team leader can provide an […]

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13th June 2022

5 Ways Anonymous Feedback Tools Improve Your Workplace

A problem shared is a problem halved, but people feel hesitant sometimes to talk about what is affecting them at work.  For instance, some people might feel too intimidated to share their issues for fear of professional repercussions, or they may fear the social impact of speaking up about specific topics. However, 74% of employees […]

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26th May 2022

6 Reasons Trickle Isn’t Just Another Company Communication Tool

Workplace culture and communication come hand-in-hand. Effective communication leads to a more positive and efficient workplace — positivity and efficiency boost employee morale and create a supportive working environment. A strong company culture is formed as a result.  The proof is in the numbers, too. Research by Deloitte found that 94% of executives and 88% […]

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18th May 2022

World Meditation Day: The Importance of Taking Time Out

May 21st is World Meditation Day — and a perfect reminder that deep breathing and meditation are excellent techniques for dealing with stress in the workplace. Meditation aims to connect the mind and the body. Its purpose is to help increase physical and mental peace and calm, which also helps people learn how to live […]

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9th May 2022

How to Support People with Sensory Disabilities

Last week was Deaf Awareness Week, an event that aims to educate the public about people with sensory disabilities and how they impact their daily lives. Now is a great time for organisations to consider deepening their understanding of employees with sensory issues and developing ways to support them at work. This article will look […]

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27th April 2022

How HR Technology Can Transform Your Business

HR technology is any tool that improves the employee-employer relationship, makes people’s working lives better, or reduces admin and overhead for organisations. The right HR technology can free HR teams from many of their daily administrative tasks, allowing more time to focus on employee wellbeing, and help managers identify and retain top talent. 74% of […]

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12th April 2022

Stress Awareness Month: How to Reduce Stress at Work

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992 to raise awareness of the causes and cures for stress. Each year comes with a new theme and in 2022, the focus is on community.  A lack of support can cause loneliness and isolation, which in turn lowers people’s wellbeing, impacts mental health and can […]

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4th April 2022

Is Now the Time to Embrace Hybrid Working?

Work is no longer a place. It’s all about what you do — not necessarily where you do it from. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we work, with lockdowns forcing many businesses to acknowledge the benefits of allowing their teams work from home. A recent Harvard Business Review article reported that workers believe […]

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31st March 2022

7 Signs of Low Employee Engagement & How to Fix It

Just as a high level of employee engagement can have a positive impact on the workplace, a low level can create an environment of negativity — resulting in lost productivity and even retention issues.  Low employee engagement can stem from events in the workplace or in an employee’s personal life. This can lead to negative […]

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29th March 2022

What is HR’s Role in Organisational Change?

Past studies have revealed that nearly 70% of all organisational change initiatives fail in the UK. Why? Leaders often flounder in an alphabet soup of change methods, distracted by conflicting advice and financial targets. Keeping employees informed gets moved to the bottom of their list of priorities. However, people are what drive business success. Giving […]

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23rd March 2022

How to Create an Abundance Mindset

Developing the right mindset for your business From individuals to entire businesses, forming the right mindset is important. It can be the difference between success and failure and determines whether we reach our full potential.  Creating a positive mindset within your business can help employees’ personal development and boost their confidence, morale and performance.  What […]

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21st March 2022

The Importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity, Equity and inclusion (DEI) are more than policies, programs or headcounts. Inclusive teams improve collective performance by up to 30% in high-diversity environments. In a BCG study, companies with diverse management teams had a 19% increase in revenue compared to their less diverse counterparts. Fiscal success is what every business strives for, but the […]

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15th March 2022

Achieving Success Through Change — Mergers and Acquisitions from a People Perspective

Between September and December last year, the UK saw 453 completed mergers and acquisitions (M&A) at a total value of £3 billion. With more organisations joining forces after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to make sure the M&A process is as smooth as possible. Change can occur for a […]

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9th March 2022

How to Have Difficult Conversations at Work

As part of the HR team within your business, you’re one of the main people your employees will turn to when they have an issue. According to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the top three difficult conversations are about pay (33%), inappropriate behaviour (31%) and feedback on poor performance (30%). While it may not be […]

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9th March 2022

The Future of NHS HR & Organisational Development

By 2030, the way we work will be completely different. A combination of new technology, remote working and artificial intelligence (alongside a greater emphasis on staff wellbeing) means we all need to adapt. None more so than the NHS, which will be required to accommodate the changing needs of both its patients and its employees. […]

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8th March 2022

International Women’s Day 2022 — How HR can enhance celebrating women in the workplace

Celebrating women and their successes on International Women’s Day 2022 (IWD) is a great way  to build employee happiness and trust. For some women, it can be difficult to feel empowered in the workplace. According to experts at, pay equality and concerns about harassment rank as two of the top issues women still face […]

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15th February 2022

Hello from the CEO

Hey folks, I hope you’ve all had a good start to 2022! I asked my teammates for a wee space in our first newsletter of the year to say that thanks to the support from you and the rest of our lovely customers, Trickle continues to grow, and we now have a team of 20 […]

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3rd February 2022

Time to Talk

Just as we look after our bodies, it’s also important we look after our minds. One in four of us experience mental health issues each year — so it’s vital that workplaces work towards removing any stigma associated with these issues to help their employees live a healthy and happy life. Time to Talk Day […]

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31st January 2022

HR Trends for 2022

This year, HR-related challenges have become more difficult, with many interconnected internal and external factors causing shifts in power and creating concerning unknowns. It’s harder than ever to stay ahead of HR solutions trends. We’ve written this article to help prepare you for what we expect the future HR trends of 2022 to be, so […]

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26th January 2022

The Downsides of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring has become more prevalent as the need for a physical office has diminished, fuelled by the rise in remote and hybrid working practices. With some employees spread across a country or, in some cases, the world, there is a need to monitor what they’re up to during the working day. Employee monitoring involves […]

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20th December 2021

Ending the Year Strong: Effective Employee Reviews

December is one of the most wonderful and stressful times of the year. It can be easy to forget about employee reviews between the fun of wrapping up Secret Santa presents and the pressure of wrapping up client projects. But, these reviews are a crucial part of an employee’s development and shouldn’t be overlooked among […]

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16th December 2021

The Season of Employer Gratitude

December is the season to be jolly. Food, family, presents and (hopefully) snow. We believe it should also be the season of employers showing their appreciation for all the hard work and stellar performances that their staff have put in, outside of the contractual salary and benefits. Some employers mistakenly believe that this is enough […]

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