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15th September 2021

Why Your Best Employees Leave and How to Stop it

Some of the most common reasons why employees leave their jobs include employees feeling underappreciated, bad management, and an inadequate salary. Replacing them isn’t easy, and recruitment is expensive. The average cost of recruiting a new employee is £3,000. The cost of an employee leaving and replacing them with a new person is approximately £30,000. […]

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14th September 2021

Tips for Maintaining Culture Through Change

A company’s culture is vital to its success, provided it is a healthy culture that fosters inclusiveness, productivity and empathy, among other things. 93% of CEOs say that it’s important that their organisation has a strong corporate purpose that’s reflected in its values, behaviours and culture. New employees need to feel as though they’re joining […]

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6th September 2021

The Value of Workplace Insights

A Gartner survey revealed that only 13% of employees are satisfied with their experience at work. This indicates that a large number of employers are either completely unaware of their employee experiences, or they are and aren’t doing enough to change it. I’m unsure which is worse. Either way, it shows that there needs to […]

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30th August 2021

Post-pandemic Talent Exodus: How to Retain Your Top Talent

According to Personio, 38% of UK office workers have said that they would like to change their jobs in 2021. According to the Korn Ferry Talent Crunch by 2030 there will be a large-scale talent shortage in the finance and business services; technology, media and telecommunications (TMT); and manufacturing industries worldwide. India is the only […]

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24th August 2021

The Link Between Employee Recognition and Retention

According to HR Technologist, 63% of employees who are recognised are very unlikely to look for a new job. Additionally, lack of recognition and engagement is driving 44% of employees to switch jobs. In the workplace, appreciation matters a lot. High staff turnover rates cause headaches for HR staff; no one wants a revolving door […]

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17th August 2021

Tech Tactics: Employee Retention Strategies

According to the job board platform Monster, the average employee turnover rate in the UK is 15%. However, this number can vary between different industries. Below are the 2019 average turnover rates in the UK by occupational group according to XpertHR. Occupational Group Average Turnover (%) Distribution 10.1 Engineers 8.8 Retail 8.3 Financial Staff 13.7 […]

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19th July 2021

The Power of Small Wins on Workplace Culture

Thinking small can have a big impact on workplace culture. No matter how large the end goal is, it often started out as a small idea and grew over time with input from employees. An interesting example of how small wins can affect a company is Tesco. Back in 1993, the ad agency Lowe Howard-Spink […]

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15th July 2021

How to Leverage Employee Voice

A study by Salesforce revealed that employees who felt like their voices were being heard were 4.6 times more likely to do their best work. This research summarises exactly why employee voice is so important — both for the business and the employees’ wellbeing. Although seemingly minor in the grand scheme of a company’s inner […]

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15th July 2021

What’s the Link Between Empathy and Productivity?

Promoting a work culture centred on empathy is one way to ensure actively-engaged employees and increase overall productivity. This is reflected in the 2016 Empathy Index, which showed that the top ten most empathic companies outperformed the bottom ten by at least 50% in productivity, earnings and growth. Empathic leaders also pave the way for […]

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13th July 2021

Employee Trust is Key to Adaptability and Here’s Why

“The glue that holds all relationships together, including the relationship between the leader and the led is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” – Brian Tracy, author of How the Best Leaders Lead. Trust is everything. Not much would happen without it. Would you get on a train if you didn’t trust that you’d […]

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3rd June 2021

Interview: Sophie Wade On Why We Need More Empathy In The Workplace

Sophie Wade, Founder and CEO of Flexcel Network Sophie is a speaker, author and authority on Future-of-Work issues. She has held senior management, strategy and finance roles around the world and worked for companies such as IMG and Yahoo. Sophie recently sat down with Trickle to discuss the need for more empathy in the workplace. […]

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1st June 2021

Returning to Work: Tips for Re-engaging Furloughed Employees

As the UK continues to open up and more businesses start to fully reopen, people across the country have started to return to work or have at least started the process of transitioning back to the office.  While many workers are coming back from remote working, others will be returning from being furloughed, as part […]

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13th May 2021

How Empathy Shapes the Future of Work

Empathy matters—appreciating others’ perspectives, tapping into their emotions, and acting  based on that understanding matters. Empathy has long mattered in our personal lives, but got short shrift in our transactional, professional encounters.  Empathy mattered as advanced, interconnected technologies increased the pace of change and complexity in business and we had to draw on interpersonal skills […]

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13th May 2021

How to Build a Workplace Culture that Drives Employee-Led Innovation

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished” – Benjamin Franklin. With lockdown 3.0 easing and businesses across the country starting to reopen, now more than ever, it’s important that organisations recognise and appreciate the importance of fostering employee-led innovation.  In this uncertain transitional period, as business leaders turn their thoughts to recovery and the post-pandemic era, […]

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11th May 2021

How to Support and Improve Employee Mental Health

Mental health plays a key role in people’s physical health, wellbeing and performance, both at home and at work. Over the past year, the issue of employee mental health has come under the spotlight, as people’s resilience, energy and motivation have been put under enormous strain by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Since the first lockdown […]

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6th May 2021

Navigating and Supporting Back to Work Emotions

After months in lockdown 3.0, as it has been dubbed, on April 12th the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled his much anticipated roadmap out of lockdown e.g. the reopening of non-essential retail and outdoor hospitality venues.  If things go smoothly and without a major spike in infections, this could be a signal that the […]

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20th April 2021

How Great Employee Wellbeing Can Save Your Business Money

What is employee wellbeing? Wellbeing is defined as a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy; and although these are important aspects, wellbeing encompasses a much larger and richer picture of how people are doing overall, both physically and mentally, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole. Wellbeing is dependent upon the having […]

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12th April 2021

Why Workplace Kindness is Good for Business

To say emotions have been running high over the past year is an understatement. Described as the “challenge of a generation” the Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives both personal and professional.  Since the first lockdown over a year ago, the majority of us have experienced some degree of heightened stress […]

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6th April 2021

4 Powerful Tips to Drive Sustainable Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement? Employee engagement is defined as a person’s willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ in their work and the extent of their emotional commitment to the organisation they work for. To put it simply, engaged employees are the ones who care about their work and genuinely want the organisation to succeed. Rather […]

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17th March 2021

Why Psychological Safety Should Be Part of Every Work Culture

What is psychological safety and why is it important? Harvard Business School professor Dr Amy Edmonson describes psychological safety as “a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes”. In other words, a psychologically safe environment is a place where individuals feel empowered to share […]

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16th March 2021

An Evidence-Based Approach to Supporting NHS Staff Wellbeing

Our CEO and Founder Paul Reid recently spoke alongside Dr Kim Walker, a Senior Lecturer for Health Education Research and Innovation at the University of Aberdeen, at the Regroup, Reflect, Recharge: Enhancing staff experience in the NHS conference. Organised by NHS Employers, this conference was designed to explore how to proactively enhance staff experience in the […]

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8th March 2021

Supporting Diversity in the Workplace: Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a worldwide event that celebrates and recognises the achievements of women across the globe, raises awareness against bias, promotes diversity and champions gender equality.  Although much progress has been made to get more women into the workplace, they remain a largely underrepresented group, with just 11% of female directors in […]

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16th February 2021

Tips for Talking About Mental Health at Work

Talking about mental health can be challenging for some but it can be even harder when it comes to discussing it at work. The biggest challenge is that people are often very reluctant to be open about the subject. People often don’t know how to speak up or what to say if someone approaches them. […]

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9th February 2021

‘How Aye Made This’ Interviews our CEO Paul Reid

In a recent podcast episode of ‘How Aye Built This’, our CEO Paul Reid sat down with show host Liam Wilson to chat about the inspiration behind the creation of the Trickle platform.  Starting out as a rookie software engineer, Paul’s journey to CEO of his own highly successful market leading company Sigma Seven, has […]

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8th February 2021

Tips for Managing Remote Employees

In October 2020, data from the Office for National Statistics continues to show an increase in the number of people working from home in the UK, from 21% to 24%.[1] This rise can likely be attributed to stricter lockdown restrictions put in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, even before people were […]

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3rd February 2021

Domestic Abuse and Covid-19: The Shadow Pandemic

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic demand on domestic abuse services has risen sharply. Since the first lockdown in March last year UK charity Refuge reported an 80% increase in the number of calls to its domestic abuse hotline and a 700% increase in visits to its website. Worryingly, the problem seems to be […]

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19th January 2021

Tips to Improve Working From Home

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, it seems that offices across the country are destined to remain empty for the foreseeable future. While some people may be delighted to continue working from home, others are less enthusiastic or downright distressed at the prospect. But, no matter our sentiment, for the sake of our wellbeing and […]

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13th January 2021

Tips to Avoid The January Blues While Working From Home

After an extended break or festive period, like Christmas, getting back into the swing of work can prove challenging, both physically and mentally, for most people. Particularly at Christmas, when our daily routine can become utterly disjointed. Healthy eating, sleeping and exercising habits can easily be neglected during the festive season, all of which can […]

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12th January 2021

NHS App Launch Caps Year of Strong Growth For Trickle

Trickle is on track to further build on a strong year of growth in 2020, as the workplace engagement specialist launches an app focused on the day-to-day wellbeing of employees, which is being used by doctors and other NHS frontline workers in the face of Covid-19. The “How was your day?” app was the result […]

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