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30th October 2019

Corporate Governance, Employee Engagement and Trickle

Back in 2017, when politics felt more stable, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that, as part of a drive towards a more responsible capitalism, workforces and other stakeholders needed a stronger voice through to the boardroom. This would require demonstrable effective engagement going beyond what could be considered a tick box or cursory exercise. As […]

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27th September 2019

Password-Less Authentication

At Trickle, we don’t use passwords to authenticate our users. Instead, we send an email to a registered email address with a one-time access link. Why do we do this? Read on to find out! Most websites authenticate people with passwords, and 86% of passwords are terrible. To combat this, a lot of sites […]

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25th August 2019

Why Do Organisations Need To Focus On Better Employee Engagement?

There is so much research around which supports the need to improve Employee Engagement at all possible opportunities. The problem with such a large variety of reading is deciding which sources you can trust and where to find the appropriate research in the first place. So, we thought it would be helpful and a time-saving […]

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13th July 2019

Hello from Trickle

Hello and welcome to the first of many Trickle blog posts to come. At Trickle we aim to help organisations create cultures where their people come first and, we really do want to see a world where we continue to focus on creating more positive work environments for everyone to enjoy. Trickle help support the working world […]

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