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20th December 2021

Ending the Year Strong: Effective Employee Reviews

December is one of the most wonderful and stressful times of the year. It can be easy to forget about employee reviews between the fun of wrapping up Secret Santa presents and the pressure of wrapping up client projects. But, these reviews are a crucial part of an employee’s development and shouldn’t be overlooked among […]

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16th December 2021

The Season of Employer Gratitude

December is the season to be jolly. Food, family, presents and (hopefully) snow. We believe it should also be the season of employers showing their appreciation for all the hard work and stellar performances that their staff have put in, outside of the contractual salary and benefits. Some employers mistakenly believe that this is enough […]

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8th December 2021

How to Prepare for the Future of Work

The future of work looks similar to the present. Hybrid or remote working is now becoming increasingly normalised across the globe, with 46% of workers stating they would consider quitting if they couldn’t work remotely. But what impact does this have on the other aspects of work? How can companies ensure that this new way […]

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8th December 2021

How to Throw a Virtual Christmas Party

About 52% of UK workplaces have decided not to hold a Christmas office party, according to a survey of 2,000 office workers commissioned by COVID testing company Prenetics. But the fun doesn’t need to stop just because COVID-19 is lingering on. Thanks to the power of technology, we can still celebrate the festive season together […]

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1st December 2021

How to Plan a Work Christmas Party for Employees

The end-of-year party marks an important (and fun) event for everyone at work. Employees get the opportunity to mingle with their colleagues, enjoy a delicious meal and celebrate accomplishments, setting the tone for a positive and successful year ahead. With the Grinch, AKA coronavirus, stealing Christmas last year, teams are looking forward to letting loose […]

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23rd November 2021

How Companies Should React to Social Issues

64% of consumers will purchase from or boycott a brand solely based on its stance on a social or political issue. It’s no longer enough for brands to just focus on making profits. It’s now vital that they satisfy shareholders whilst making a positive impact on the world. This can be through corporate social responsibility, […]

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17th November 2021

Trickle x Purpose HR Working Together to Better HR

Two companies that are both committed to enhancing the employee experience are now working together for the same aim. The Company Backgrounds Trickle is an employee engagement platform that enables organisations to empower their employees to create harmonious and productive working environments. Their software enables organisations to get accurate, real-time insights into the opinions and […]

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8th November 2021

Diversity: Not Everyone Celebrates Christmas

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year for some, but what about those who don’t celebrate Christmas? Christmas is traditionally a Christian holiday, marking the birth of Jesus Christ. Although today the festivities have more to do with exchanging gifts, wearing ugly jumpers and eating too much turkey, the religious affiliation still […]

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3rd November 2021

How to Build a Strong Culture With a Remote Team

It can be argued that the pandemic has accelerated the rate at which people work remotely. Working from home went from something reserved for those in highly technical IT roles, e.g. programmers and software engineers, to marketers, accountants, product managers and many other types of jobs that were previously office-based. This means the rules of […]

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2nd November 2021

How to Use Data for Personalised Employee Benefits

Algorithms are making our user experience better on music apps, streaming services and e-commerce websites. We’ve grown accustomed to having experiences tailored to our preferences — and why shouldn’t we? We’re all different people with different needs and priorities. That’s exactly why one-size-fits-all employee benefits are no longer enough to keep employees happy and incentivised. […]

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1st November 2021

International Stress Awareness Week (1-5 November)

Stress is a spectrum. On one end, you have low-to-moderate stress that motivates you to do your best and drives engagement (good stress). On the other end, there is stress that consumes you, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out (bad stress). Chances are, we’ve all experienced both sides of the spectrum. Up until recently, […]

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18th October 2021

How to Create an Employee Wellbeing Strategy

76% of workers feel that their employers should be doing more to protect the mental health of their staff. 40% say that stress has caused their productivity to decrease and their decision-making to become worse. The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of all organisations having an effective employee wellbeing strategy. Employees are vital to […]

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15th October 2021

5 Examples of a Healthy Work Culture

Every organisation has its own unique culture, shaped by shared values, a common vision for the company and its employees. All of these factors contribute to an organisation’s day-to-day working environment. Although culture isn’t physical, you can sense it as soon as you walk into an office. It’s in an employee’s laughter, their family photos […]

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14th October 2021

What to Do When Employees Check Out

Are your employees missing deadlines? Are they suddenly doing the bare minimum when they used to go above and beyond? Are they withdrawing from social activities? These are all symptoms of a checked-out employee, but thankfully there’s a cure. Dips in employee engagement happen in most companies from time to time, but it can be […]

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12th October 2021

Employer Benefits of Employee Happiness

64% of workers are satisfied with their job. This is a fairly high number, but we’re doing our bit to increase it as we want it to be even closer to 100%. Job satisfaction is just as important for employers as it is for employees. Employers benefit greatly from having happy employees. This is a […]

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7th October 2021

Which Benefits Do Your Employees Want?

The days are long gone when a salary was the main reason an employee will start a new job or stay in their existing one. 75% of employees are more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefits program. 80% of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise and 69% of […]

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5th October 2021

Are Employee Engagement Surveys Really Anonymous?

Negative anonymous feedback, when regularly collected and acted upon effectively, can have a positive impact on a business. It enables companies to spot small problems before they become big issues, saving time, money as well as avoiding potential disruption in the future. Regular anonymous employee engagement surveys are a great way of doing this. With […]

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5th October 2021

How Home Life Affects Work Life

Not even the most staunch of workaholics spend all of their time at work. We do stress the importance of having a healthy work/life balance here at Trickle. The time spent away from the office helps employees to be more productive inside the office. A more effective and often rare way to look at work/life […]

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4th October 2021

How Unlimited Annual Leave Has Unlimited Benefits

The average UK employee only takes 62% of their annual leave allowance. However, 79% of British employees experience work-related stress. Why is this the case? Are we a nation of workaholics? If so, how could this be solved? Possibly, by offering unlimited annual leave. On the surface, it sounds like madness, giving employees no limit […]

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4th October 2021

The Business Case For Flexible Working

Flexible working is an important topic that continues to fuel conversations for employers and employees alike and it’s one that’s here to stay! 9 in 10 employees consider flexible working to be a key motivator to their productivity at work (89% – even more than financial incentives (77%). There has been a lot said of […]

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16th September 2021

Return to Work: Out with the Old in with the New

Many organisations are becoming confused with the difference between employee engagement and employee experience. This can be a costly mistake, resulting in unhappy employees, who are less productive and less likely to become an advocate for their employer. As the world gradually returns to work in an office environment, albeit with some differences, focusing on […]

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15th September 2021

Why Your Best Employees Leave and How to Stop it

Some of the most common reasons why employees leave their jobs include employees feeling underappreciated, bad management, and an inadequate salary. Replacing them isn’t easy, and recruitment is expensive. The average cost of recruiting a new employee is £3,000. The cost of an employee leaving and replacing them with a new person is approximately £30,000. […]

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14th September 2021

Tips for Maintaining Culture Through Change

A company’s culture is vital to its success, provided it is a healthy culture that fosters inclusiveness, productivity and empathy, among other things. 93% of CEOs say that it’s important that their organisation has a strong corporate purpose that’s reflected in its values, behaviours and culture. New employees need to feel as though they’re joining […]

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6th September 2021

The Value of Workplace Insights

A Gartner survey revealed that only 13% of employees are satisfied with their experience at work. This indicates that a large number of employers are either completely unaware of their employee experiences, or they are and aren’t doing enough to change it. I’m unsure which is worse. Either way, it shows that there needs to […]

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30th August 2021

Post-pandemic Talent Exodus: How to Retain Your Top Talent

According to Personio, 38% of UK office workers have said that they would like to change their jobs in 2021. According to the Korn Ferry Talent Crunch by 2030 there will be a large-scale talent shortage in the finance and business services; technology, media and telecommunications (TMT); and manufacturing industries worldwide. India is the only […]

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24th August 2021

The Link Between Employee Recognition and Retention

According to HR Technologist, 63% of employees who are recognised are very unlikely to look for a new job. Additionally, lack of recognition and engagement is driving 44% of employees to switch jobs. In the workplace, appreciation matters a lot. High staff turnover rates cause headaches for HR staff; no one wants a revolving door […]

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17th August 2021

Tech Tactics: Employee Retention Strategies

According to the job board platform Monster, the average employee turnover rate in the UK is 15%. However, this number can vary between different industries. Below are the 2019 average turnover rates in the UK by occupational group according to XpertHR. Occupational Group Average Turnover (%) Distribution 10.1 Engineers 8.8 Retail 8.3 Financial Staff 13.7 […]

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19th July 2021

The Power of Small Wins on Workplace Culture

Thinking small can have a big impact on workplace culture. No matter how large the end goal is, it often started out as a small idea and grew over time with input from employees. An interesting example of how small wins can affect a company is Tesco. Back in 1993, the ad agency Lowe Howard-Spink […]

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15th July 2021

How to Leverage Employee Voice

A study by Salesforce revealed that employees who felt like their voices were being heard were 4.6 times more likely to do their best work. This research summarises exactly why employee voice is so important — both for the business and the employees’ wellbeing. Although seemingly minor in the grand scheme of a company’s inner […]

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