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6th February 2024

How to create kindness and emotional intelligence in the workplace

As the global work landscape evolves, leaders are increasingly aware of the significant role a resilient, cohesive, and high-performing environment plays in the success of an organisation. Central to achieving this is ensuring every team member feels valued and understood, with kindness and emotional intelligence (EI) as the foundational pillars. But how exactly do you […]

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22nd January 2024

Ensuring Transparency and Safety in the Workplace: Why Robust Whistleblowing Tools are Essential

The recent TV drama and subsequent political activity about the Horizon/Post Office scandal are a stark reminder of just how crucial a robust whistleblowing policy is in any organisation. If you’re an employer or an HR executive, you might be mulling over the question, “Do we really need an anonymous whistleblowing policy?” To answer your […]

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22nd January 2024

Tuning into Your Team with Empathy: The Key to Truly Hearing Employee Voices

In our fast-paced world, the myriad voices of our employees form a vital undercurrent of insights and ideas, essential for driving innovation and a thriving workplace culture. As leaders and team managers, actively listening to these voices is crucial, but doing so with empathy transforms mere listening into understanding, building a more connected and dynamic […]

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22nd January 2024

Experience the Power of Collaboration in University Research: A Five-Point Plan with Trickle

In the ever-evolving world of university research, the collective brilliance of your team is your most valuable asset. As we navigate the challenges of 2024, from digital transformation to student engagement, it’s crucial to harness the full potential of your colleagues’ ideas and creativity. Consider these pivotal questions: How often are you finding inspiration in […]

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16th January 2024

Is your team psychologically prepared for the New Year? Here’s how to ensure they are….

As we navigate through the first month of the year, it’s crucial to recognise the diverse emotions that January evokes in every workplace. While some may see it as a fresh start, brimming with new ideas and goals, others might find it challenging, carrying the weight of expectations and the post-holiday blues. 1. Open communication: […]

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14th December 2023

Navigating the New Year: The New Frontier in Staff Retention and Recruitment

As 2024 looms on the horizon, it’s clear that a radical transformation is underway in the realms of recruitment and staff retention. An eye-opening statistic sets the stage: a whopping 66% of 25 to 34-year-olds are gearing up for a job change this year. This isn’t just a trend; it’s a seismic shift in workforce […]

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4th December 2023

Nurturing Psychological Wellbeing in the Workplace During Winter

As I sat at the breakfast table this morning, surrounded by my kids, a collective low mood seemed to hang in the air. The darkness outside our little kitchen window dimmed the usual morning cheer and chaos. My usually upbeat 7 and 11-year-olds were subdued, and quieter than usual, which got me thinking. If the […]

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21st November 2023

National Bullying Week and Our Role in Creating Safer Workplaces

Last week marked National Bullying Week, a pivotal time for reflection and action against one of the more insidious issues in the workplace: bullying and harassment. Recent reports, revealing the extent of harassment faced by women in the Ministry of Defence serve as a stark reminder of the challenges women confront in traditionally male-dominated environments. […]

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7th November 2023

Psychological safety is crucial for mental health

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN THE SCOTSMAN NEWSPAPER ON 14 OCTOBER 2023  It was World Mental Health Awareness Day on October, and it got me thinking. In a world reeling from corporate scandals and malpractices splashed across our headlines, how much of it could’ve been prevented if, as leaders, we just listened? If we […]

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2nd November 2023

National Stress Awareness Day: Fostering Fun and Psychological Safety in the Workplace

As we mark National Stress Awareness Day on November 2nd, this year’s spotlight is on shaping solutions to combat the pervasive stress and mental health challenges 68% of employees face. This year’s campaign emphasises creating actionable remedies, and at Trickle, we see first-hand how, by championing an environment of fun and psychological safety in organisations, […]

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23rd October 2023

Avoid These Culture-Killing Mistakes When Cultivating a Positive Workplace Culture

Creating a positive workplace culture isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a genuine game-changer. Our recent survey results highlighted that 50% of respondents believe that a positive work culture has the most significant impact on employee retention. That’s a powerful testament to its importance. However, while many organisations strive to build a positive culture, it’s essential […]

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5th October 2023

Is Your Workplace Truly Safe? Unpacking Psychological Safety in the Modern Era

In the fast-paced world of work, amidst the whirlwind of remote work, increasing autonomy, and blurred boundaries, a buzzword has emerged that’s impossible to ignore: psychological safety. It’s not about fancy chairs or lunchtime perks. It’s about fostering an environment where your team feels empowered to voice concerns, speak up, and share ideas without fear […]

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21st September 2023

The September Scramble: Retaining Staff during the return to school vibe…

September isn’t just about looking out your cosy jumpers and planning your next escape to the sun. In the world of work, it feels like a second “New Year.” Employees return post-vacation, often re-evaluating their career paths. What are you, as an employer, doing to keep them? The True Cost of Turnover Brace yourself. CIPD […]

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7th September 2023

Why Employers Should Take Whistleblowing Seriously: Building a Transparent Work Culture

If you’re an employer, or maybe an HR exec, and you’re wondering, “Do I really need an anonymous whistleblowing policy?” The short answer? Absolutely! While it’s not a legal requirement in the UK, having a solid whistleblowing policy is a sign of a healthy work environment. Here’s why:   1. Your Employees Are Your Eyes […]

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21st August 2023

What is HR’s Role in Organisational Change?

Originally posted 29th March 2022, adapted 21st August 2023. Organisational change can have a massive impact on a company and its people. However, figures suggest that nearly 70% of all organisational change initiatives fail in the UK. Why? Leaders often flounder in an alphabet soup of change methods, distracted by conflicting advice and financial targets. Keeping […]

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4th August 2023

Meet the Team: Andy Miller

Up next in our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we have Andy Miller, Non-Executive Director. Tell us about your role at Trickle? I am Trickle’s chair, working for the company on a non-exec, part-time basis. I got to know Paul (Trickle’s CEO) when I worked for Capita, which bought Paul’s company at the time, Sigma Seven. […]

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13th July 2023

Tips for Maintaining Culture Through Change

Originally posted – 14th September 2021, adapted 13th July 2023. A company’s culture is vital to its success, provided it is a healthy culture that fosters inclusiveness, productivity and empathy, among other things. 93% of CEOs say that it’s important that their organisation has a strong corporate purpose that’s reflected in its values, behaviours and […]

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10th July 2023

Employee burnout is an organisational issue

Our CEO Paul Reid discusses why it’s likely to be fundamental organisational issues, not a lack of individual resilience, that’s causing your employees to burn out. Burnout is on the rise – in fact, Glassdoor cited that it increased by 48% between Summer 2021 and 2022 alone. And its effects can be devastating, not just […]

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27th June 2023

Meet the Team: Paul Reid

Next up in our ‘Meet the Team’ series is Paul Reid, Founder and CEO. What inspired you to start Trickle? When at my last business, where I was also the founder and CEO, I came across a blog on criminology called the ‘broken windows theory’. It was a study in America that transformed policing right […]

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22nd June 2023

Guest blog: We must help more minority ethnic women get happily back to work

Joy Lewis, CEO from one of our partners, AAI Employability shares her thoughts on how employers can help more minority ethnic women get happily back to work. Britain is in desperate need of talented staff – yet many from one of the most resourceful and capable groups of people in the country continue to be […]

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5th June 2023

How to Leverage Employee Voice

Did you know that 74% of people feel more engaged at work when they feel their voice is heard? Employees know what they need best to succeed, so by simply listening to their people, leaders can provide proactive support. This could be, for example, influencing processes, enhancing resources or making small changes to improve efficiency. […]

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26th May 2023

Meet the Team: Mandy Kerley

Next up in our ‘Meet the Team’ series is Mandy Kerley, Chief Operating Officer. Tell us about your role at Trickle? I am Trickle’s Chief Operating Officer, which involves overseeing the everyday running of the business and working closely with the team leads to deliver strategy and goals, and support their people. I wasn’t always […]

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12th May 2023

Meet the Team: Cassie Pryde

Next up in our ‘Meet the Team’ series is Cassie Pryde, Senior Customer Wellbeing Manager. Tell us about your role at Trickle? I’m passionate about helping and supporting people, and wanted to move into a tech role with the same ethos, which is why I joined Trickle over two and a half years ago. As […]

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9th May 2023

5 ways anonymous feedback can improve the workplace

As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved, however sometimes people can be hesitant or even resistant to talk about what’s affecting them at work. 74% of employees say they’d be more willing to give feedback if communication channels were genuinely anonymous. Anonymity is powerful because it can increase psychological safety in […]

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27th April 2023

6 methods for boosting employee engagement

Employee engagement can be challenging – some people love to engage from the offset whilst others don’t want to get involved immediately or at all. In this article, uncover our six actionable methods for boosting employee engagement within your organisation.   What is employee engagement and participation? These terms have become interchangeable in recent years […]

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26th April 2023

Meet the Team: Victoria Mackie

Continuing our ‘Meet the Team’ series, today we introduce Victoria Mackie, Senior Customer Wellbeing Manager. Tell us about your role at Trickle? I am one of the team leads within the Customer Wellbeing team here at Trickle. When I joined in 2020 the team was relatively new, it was a really exciting time getting to […]

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21st April 2023

Companies shouldn’t just focus on ESG because they HAVE to – it must be authentic

Much has been written about Environmental, Social and Governance – known as ESG for short – but at Trickle, we believe this goes beyond profit margins and financial performance. It’s about contributing to the greater good of society as a whole. ESG is a set of criteria guiding a business’s behaviour. It covers everything from […]

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7th April 2023

Talking about mental health at work

Talking about mental health can be challenging for some at the best of times, and it can be even harder discussing it at work. Often people aren’t comfortable opening up or don’t know what to say if someone approaches them, which can make people feel compelled to compartmentalise their worries.  Research from The Economist has […]

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5th April 2023

Meet the Team: Rachel Davies

Discover the amazing people behind Trickle! First up, meet Rachel Davies, our Marketing Manager. Tell us about your role at Trickle? I joined Trickle in August 2022 because I loved the Trickle product and the impact it could have on so many organisations and their people. My role is incredibly diverse, like a marketing Swiss […]

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