Real-time employee experience for the modern workplace

Bring your organisation and employees together under one digital roof. Collaboration, engagement, recognition and wellbeing to keep your employees connected, engaged and happy at work.

A digital home for your workforce that is...


Give everyone a voice to share their opinions and make suggestions. With two-way dialogue, you’ll resolve issues and make improvements naturally.


Sometimes it’s tough to speak up. So, Trickle lets people stay anonymous so they can raise concerns or reach out for support in a safe environment.


Trickle is intuitive and easy to use. Featuring a familiar social media experience, employees can easily share, see and respond to posts (or Trickles).

Take your company culture to new heights

Trickle embeds a cycle of continuous improvement, team by team across your organisation – that people use day by day.

It’s about nudging happiness, engagement and productivity up a little every day, and this combines over time and right across your business, contributing to major organisational improvement.

Trickle’s core features are mapped to these 5 key areas that will help you transform your workplace.

Employee experience for a distributed workforce

Take a look at some of the key features and benefits Trickle can bring you, your teams and your organisation.


A platform to speak up and be heard

Trickles are posts that appear in your Activity Feed. You can raise issues, ask questions, post suggestions and so much more. And your co-workers can react with follow-up messages, comments and emojis to get the discussion started.


Foster inclusivity and collaboration

Champions are assigned to take ownership of Trickles and work towards solutions. In the Champions Chat area, colleagues can collaborate and discuss Trickles and work together to innovate, make improvements and solve issues.


Gauge how people are feeling

The MoodSense feature lets you take a temperature check on how people are doing. You post them and people interact – giving you instant insights into areas that require action. After that, everyone can contribute and track progress.


Reward, recognise & motivate

Our brains are hardwired for praise. And our Fist Bump feature is a great way to give it, to recognise someone for their efforts and encourage peer-to-peer support. All proven ways to increase job satisfaction, retention and boost morale.


Wellbeing support from anywhere

Employees can seek support on a work or personal matter that’s impacting their health or wellbeing and they can remain anonymous if they wish. There’s also a wellbeing log to empower employees to make positive changes for better days.


Focus on what matters most

Trickle conveniently ranks the top 5 most pressing issues, opportunities or suggestions. This allows teams to work together, make improvements, track progress and measure the impact of each change.


Employee feedback in real-time

Everything within Trickle is in real-time so you can keep your finger firmly on the pulse. You can see how employees are doing, improve team collaboration, get immediate feedback and make improvements faster than ever before.



Share news and celebrate wins

Spread positivity and boost engagement with Shout Abouts. They’re a chance to share important company news and celebrate team wins. These announcements appear in the Activity Feed for everyone to see and high-five virtually.


Powerful lead metrics to measure and improve

Trickle’s real-time insights make it easy to identify and respond to emerging issues with targeted actions. The Insights dashboard is designed to make reading data a breeze so you can monitor and track the satisfaction, happiness, stress and wellbeing of your teams and organisation as a whole.

  • Real-time user insights and feedback
  • Sophisticated analytics that are easy to interpret
  • Interventions powered and tracked by data

Take the Trickle tour

Our platform is a safe space to facilitate employee-led improvements that allows organisations to make positive and meaningful changes by tackling what matters most to their people as they surface.

We’d love to show you Trickle in action and help you learn about the various ways we’ve helped to improve workplaces for our customers. Why not book a 30 minute demo with one of our friendly team?

What our customers say...

We haven’t been using Trickle for long, we already see the platform is helping with supporting organisational change. The steps taken to ensure open feedback are very useful for detailed discussion, helping us resolve a wide variety of topics posted by our team.

Rachael McLean Head of Legal Modernisation Unit, Scottish Government

We found the Trickle platform quick and simple to implement, the Trickle team managed this remotely without any fuss and we were live within days. Having used the platform for a while now, we are already starting to see a positive impact – requests and suggestions have been coming in from our team which we are accommodating where possible.

Simone Thompson Talent Manager, Eden Scott