Posting Suggestions, praise and concerns in a natural way

Our platform is very intuitive, it has been deliberately designed to have a recognisable look and feel. This means your people can log in and go (no fuss & no hassle!), all helping to create a great Employee Experience.

Your people will be able to quickly navigate to our post section where they can type whatever they need to say and trickle it to the platform for their colleagues to see and respond.

By encouraging everyone to work together, you will create a better overall Employee Experience in your organisation.


Follow Topics

If a post is of particular interest, people can follow it to make sure they don’t miss out on any of the conversation as it happens. The number of follows will give everyone an idea of how important a suggestion or issue is.

See What’s Hot

Flames gives people a way to tell you how important something is. If a trickle is a hot topic they can choose the highest flame - helping everyone to grasp what really needs addressed to make a better all-round Employee Experience.

Post Anonymously

Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable raising things, so we have included an Anonymity feature to give people the option to raise anything they have to say without highlighting their user profile.


With our MoodSense™ feature you can take a quick temperature check on your people's feelings. This can be in relation to changes in your organisation or other anything else you think is important.

Shout Outs & Abouts

It’s always nice to recognise people and teams for doing a great job. So, we have included a Shout Out feature to show 1 on 1 appreciation and a Shout About feature to share your appreciation publicly for all to see.

Analytics Dashboard

Our Analytics dashboard is a handy tool for all Trickle Champions (and, other admin users of course). It will help you to quickly see how Trickle is being used and the top 5 concerns which need to be addressed.