A real-time employee engagement and wellbeing platform built around your people.

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For your company

  • Create an open, inclusive and more agile approach to how you work
  • Breakdown silos and open communication
  • Provide your people with wellbeing support and guidance
  • Foster a happier and healthier workforce
  • Improve productivity, collaboration and innovation
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve employee retention
  • Tackle emerging issues before they grow into bigger problems

For your people

  • The chance to openly share ideas or concerns that are not being discussed
  • The option to raise suggestions for improvement across the organisation
  • The ability to collaborate and hear from different business units or departments
  • A channel to stay up-to-date and actively participate in what’s happening
  • Confidential access to health and wellbeing support
  • The opportunity to post anonymously if preferred

Engage with Trickle will give you insight into what’s important to your people right now. It provides a dedicated place to share suggestions and concerns in real-time, giving you the opportunity to respond or act quickly to find the best outcome.


Confide with Trickle brings employee health and wellbeing front and centre. With the ability to send pro-active guidance to support your people and a safe channel for one-to-one and anonymous assistance with more sensitive issues.


Improving employee engagement and wellbeing, every day

In any organisation people come across suggestions for improvement or experience problems doing their jobs. This means they will need somewhere to raise their thoughts and ask for help.

People might also have more sensitive issues they’d like to discuss and it’s important to give them a place to be able to ask for help privately.

Trickle is a safe place to raise sensitive issues one-on-one or openly post suggestions or concerns and collaborate together as a team to find the best solutions.

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Trickle is naturally better at employee engagement and wellbeing

By giving your people a safe place to voice their feelings when they need to (not only in response to annual or bi-annual surveys), Trickle becomes a platform for natural conversation & a positive force in any organisation.

If something isn’t working, people don’t have to keep it to themselves, they can simply trickle their thoughts and ask for help – either one on one or through group collaboration.

All helping to increase your organisation’s over-all Employee Engagement.

Real-time response

The Trickle platform works in real-time. This means, your workforce can receive feedback on their posts (either from their wider team or from one dedicated person – dependant on what they choose) almost immediately.

This gives you awareness of your people’s suggestion and concerns when it’s most relevant. And, with other people commenting or supporting posts, you will also get a balanced view and an automatically prioritised list of what matters most to all your people.

Happiness is key

Many respected studies show that Engaged Employees mean happier, better motivated & more productive people. This helps reduce overall cost to an organisation in turnover and absence.