Empower Your Team with Trickle:
Increase Engagement  & Productivity

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    Discover what five things matter
    most to your employees in real-time.
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    Utilise employee-led feedback
    to make data-led decisions.
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    Support & facilitate
    transparent communication.
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Facing challenges with limited employee engagement, transparency issues, and communication barriers?

Meet Trickle —  the employee voice platform that transforms your employee’s ideas into action, so that meaningful change can be made. 


In just one click, Trickle empowers your team to raise ideas, offer feedback, praise peers, and more. With optional anonymity, it promotes a safe, open environment for impactful communication and collaboration.

Trusted by organisations across all sectors


Insights every team can thrive on

Discover just some of Trickle’s most popular features.

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    Smart Prioritisation

    Get real-time updates on the top 5 things that matter most to your employees at any given time.

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    Shout Abouts

    Share company news, recognise team wins & enhance your sense of community.

  • lighthouse

    Raise confidential matters with a robust, anonymous, and safe whistleblowing tool.

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    Understand how your team feels about any topic with an anonymous pulse survey.

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    How Was Your Day

    Track company-wide or individual team sentiment using a single click emoji system.

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    Fist Bump Recognition

    Give a virtual high-five to colleagues & encourage peer-to-peer support.

Empower silent voices and reap the
long-term benefits of a fresh, innovative,
and inclusive take on employee engagement.

Set a new standard in workplace productivity, collaboration & efficiency with Trickle’s unique approach

Unlike typical employee feedback tools and pulse surveys, Trickle stands out by offering a secure and psychologically safe platform for real-time discussion of employee ideas and suggestions.

We challenge the norm and make sure that good ideas don’t get lost in inefficient feedback loops.

Our prime reason for using Trickle is to connect with our people and find out what matters to them, and to try solving some of those tricky top five issues that are bubbling to the surface. Importantly, we also use Trickle to build trust in us as an organisation, and to create psychological safety with my team.

profile photo of Simon Edgar
Simon Edgar Director for Medical Education, NHS Lothian

Company-wide or team-focused, cut through the noise & uncover what matters most to employees

Trickle’s employee voice platform automatically streamlines employee feedback to identify what top 5 things matter most to your team at any given time.

You can then focus on implementing change where it matters, boosting productivity and enhancing employee engagement.

Trickle has revolutionised how we identify where efficiencies can be made, slicing through distractions and enabling us to concentrate on what genuinely resonates within our team, thereby significantly propelling our business forward.

profile photo of Alison Mackenzie
Alison Mackenzie Head of Business Support, Johnston Carmichael

Leverage a new type of employee engagement platform that ensures every voice is heard

Step into a new era of workplace collaboration where inclusion, innovation, and on-the-ground insights are not only encouraged — they’re celebrated!

Trickle empowers each team member to share insights with optional anonymity. This shared responsibility model cuts through misunderstandings, promotes transparency, and ensures continuous improvement is always a priority.

Trickle has proven its ability to strengthen the relationships between employees and leaders with a simple but powerful approach that ensures employees can provide regular feedback from the ground up to create positive change.

profile photo of Lindsay McGranaghan
Lindsay McGranaghan Senior Vice President, Scotland & Northern Ireland, CGI

Break free from convention and boost employee morale & engagement effortlessly

Agile, scalable, and user-friendly, Trickle redefines what all effective employee voice platforms should be about.

With a focus on encouraging employee engagement, Trickle’s intuitive interface allows everyone from small teams to large enterprises to enhance psychological safety and well-being in a way that’s simple, seamless, and stress-free.

Trickle sets the standard in inclusivity and transparency - there are absolutely no barriers to anyone in our team getting involved and openly sharing their views. Having such a deep understanding of what matters most to our people helps us to make changes that have immediate impact.

profile photo of Leah Hutcheon
Leah Hutcheon CEO, Appointedd
Break free from convention and boost employee morale & engagement effortlessly

Promote employee-led improvement & be ready to take on anything as a collective team

As the workplace evolves, staying ahead of trends and innovation requires continuous input from the people at the heart of your operations.

With Trickle, you can empower your team to recognise shared responsibility, take collective action, and contribute to a culture where insights don’t just inform — they spark change!

Trickle has enabled colleagues at all levels to come forward as ‘leaders’ to give advice and comment as mentors to their colleagues. We hope this gives peer-to-peer trust and assurance.

profile photo of Criag Stirrat
Craig Stirrat Chief Operating Officer, Grampian Housing Association
Promote employee-led improvement & be ready to take on anything as a collective team

Frequently asked questions

At a click of a button, an employee can access the Trickle platform to raise what is important to them — be it a suggestion on how a process works, to share a creative idea, or to share feedback. Trickle’s real-time dashboard then highlights the top five things that matter most to your employees. This feature serves a dual purpose: firstly, it helps you understand and actively engage with these top ideas, and secondly, it enables you to implement changes that improve collaborative work practices.

By nurturing a culture of collective responsibility and engagement, Trickle effectively bridges communication gaps. This leads to increased productivity, greater transparency, and an overall boost in organisational morale and employee engagement.

Absolutely! Trickle is scalable and versatile, making it suitable for organisations of all sizes.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Trickle will fit your unique organisational needs.

Trickle allows you to zero in on high-impact tasks, automatically prioritising the top 5 things that matter most to your employees.

By streamlining communication through a responsive feedback system, Trickle ensures that you can take action swiftly and effectively where your people want it the most.

The subscription fee for Trickle starts at roughly the cost of a newspaper per employee, per week.

As your user count increases, the cost per user decreases. Trickle caters to organisations of all sizes, from small teams to organisations with 10,000+ employees.

Yes, Trickle integrates with both Teams and Slack! Stay in the loop by receiving Trickle app notifications directly within Teams or Slack, saving you time and boosting efficiency. With single sign-on, Trickle seamlessly fits into your existing tech stack, streamlining your workflow.

We can integrate with other systems too, so let us know if you use a different communication platform.