Make your organisation better.
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Our platform empowers honest feedback and collective action, to make your organisation more productive.

Do you relate to these workplace challenges?

  • Continuous improvement challenges: Needing sustainable development solutions?
  • Lack of transparency: Creating mistrust and disengagement
  • Communication barriers: Leaving valuable insights unheard?
  • Inefficient feedback mechanism: Hindering real-time team insights
  • Ethical concerns: Impacting your reputation and employee morale
  • Resistance to change: Blocking innovation and progress?
  • Limited employee engagement: Restricting organisational growth
  • Non-inclusive environment: Limiting diversity and innovation?

If any of the above sound familiar, Trickle can help. Experience the full potential of Trickle by booking a personalised demo tailored for your organisation’s needs today.

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Loved and trusted by…

The fantastic ‘How was your day?’ tool within Trickle gives us real-time data and a direct connection to the voice of our doctors in training to help us create positive change together.

Simon Edgar
Director for Medical Education, NHS Lothian

Trickle sets the standard in inclusivity and transparency – there are absolutely no barriers to anyone in our team getting involved and openly sharing their views. Having such a deep understanding of what matters most to our people helps us to make changes that have immediate impact..

Leah Hutcheon
CEO and Founder, Appointedd

Trickle has proven its ability to strengthen the relationships between employees and leaders with a simple but powerful approach that ensures employees can provide regular feedback from the ground up to create positive change.

Lindsay McGranaghan
Senior Vice President, Scotland & Northern Ireland, CGI

Trickle: The anonymous ground-up communication platform that enables organisations to …

  • Focus on Improvement
    Trickle fosters a culture of constant learning and development. Harness the power of constructive feedback to increase your organisation’s potential.
  • Prioritise
    Trickle allows you to zero in on high-impact tasks, automatically prioritising what matters most, so you can take action swiftly and effectively where your people want it the most.
  • Enhance Productivity
    Work smarter, not harder. By streamlining communication and fostering a responsive feedback system, Trickle supercharges your team’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Increase Employee Engagement and Transparency
    Encourage a culture of open dialogue, fostering inclusivity and transparency at every level of your organisation. Let honest feedback flow and see your productivity grow.
  • Take Collective Action
    Transform feedback into tangible change. Trickle promotes a shared sense of responsibility, driving collective action to elevate your organisation’s productivity and empower your people.

Using Trickle…


Boosts Productivity & Morale

Trickle’s transparent feedback culture empowers your team, improving productivity and morale. Fewer misunderstandings, less turnover, and a happier workplace – that’s what Trickle delivers.

Develops Future Leaders

By introducing a culture of shared responsibility where everyone is invited to contribute and lead, you’ll cultivate an environment that develops tomorrow’s leaders today.

Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

Harness everyday, employee-led innovation to outpace your competition. Trickle empowers your people, turning their feedback into actions that drive productivity and organisational success.

Attracts & Retains Top Talent

In today’s competitive landscape, the best talent seeks more than just a pay check. Empower an inclusive, agile, transparent culture where everyone feels heard, seen, and valued in a psychologically safe environment.

Saves Money & Time

With Trickle, say goodbye to inefficiency. Our smart prioritisation feature lets you cut through to focus on what’s important. Avoid the costly pitfalls of doing things that aren’t working, and start implementing performance tweaks and new ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trickle?
Trickle is a revolutionary communications platform designed to boost organisational productivity. We harness the power of timely anonymous, ground-up communication to drive transparency, inclusivity, and actionable insights, promoting a culture of continual improvement.

How does Trickle work?
Trickle works by empowering every team member to share honest, timely optional  anonymous feedback, ideas and suggestions. This feedback is transformed into prioritised, action-oriented tasks, fostering a culture of collective responsibility and engagement.
By bridging communication gaps, Trickle supercharges productivity and overall organisation morale.

How much does Trickle cost?
The subscription fee for Trickle starts at roughly the cost of a newspaper per employee per week. As your user count increases, the cost per user decreases. Trickle caters to organisations of all sizes, from small teams to organisations with 10,000+ employees.

Is Trickle right for my organisation?
If you’re seeking to boost productivity, foster transparency, improve morale, or drive innovation, Trickle is for you. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Trickle’s scalable and versatile platform can be tailored to suit your unique organisational needs.