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  • May 26, 2022

6 Reasons Trickle Isn’t Just Another Company Communication Tool

In our latest article, we discuss six reasons why Trickle isn’t just another company communication tool but an award-winning app that can help your organisation improve employee wellbeing.

Workplace culture and communication come hand-in-hand. Effective communication leads to a more positive and efficient workplace — positivity and efficiency boost employee morale and create a supportive working environment. A strong company culture is formed as a result.

The proof is in the numbers, too. Research by Deloitte found that 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a healthy company culture is vital to a business’ success.

Employees clearly understand the importance of communication, but how do they really feel about the levels in their own workplace?

According to a Gallup study, only 13% of employees strongly agree that their organisation’s leadership communicates effectively. In a hybrid-working culture, transparent and efficient communication is essential when connecting with employees both at home and in the office.

In this article, we’ll discuss how communication tools can help you build a supportive, uplifting and inclusive workplace culture. Expect some help from Trickle along the way!

What is HR technology?

HR technology (also known simply as HR Tech) is not a new phenomenon — the modern era of HR Tech actually started in the ‘90s. However, the uptake of digital platforms in workplaces today is still minimal.

The workplace (and the world) is digital — it’s time for HR to make the change. Leveraging the organisational capabilities of a cloud-based communication platform makes sure that every member of your team feels informed and included.

Using HR Tech to enhance company culture

We know that communication is key to creating a positive company culture — so why not use HR Tech platforms to communicate effectively with your employees? Sending digital messages and bulletins is an easy way to make them feel heard, respected and valued at work.

Benefits of HR communication tools

Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Yammer are some of the most popular communications tools — Slack experienced a 2-million user increase across just 30 days in 2021.

However, these tools specifically focus on sustaining operations and productivity. Though they’re integral parts of every workplace, effective communication is more than just instant messages and emojis.

What these platforms fail to deliver is tailored support for teams and individuals. It’s one thing to send an encouraging notification, but when you offer solutions and support via that messaging, you’re on your way to creating an uplifting company culture.

Workplace culture platforms like Trickle add value to the employee experience by giving them a voice. Our functionality centres around our main goals:

  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Features
  • Inclusivity
  • People-focussed
  • Results (real-time data)

6 Reasons Trickle isn’t just another company communication tool

1. Purpose

We’re here to connect with employees and make sure everyone is happy at work — whether they work from home, in the office, or out on the field.

We’re proud to have commercial and public sector clients worldwide— wherever your people work from; their experience should be at the core of your organisation’s strategy. And by putting people first, you’ll build better workplaces and do better business.

2. Values

The traditional approach to engagement and wellbeing has included methods such as surveys and polls, which have their place, but they can be slow and impersonal. They also fail to capture people’s “in the moment” thoughts, feelings, and ideas

Trickle flips this approach, encouraging positive values that empower employees to feed information from the ground up. After all, innovation can and should come from anywhere and anyone in a company.

3. Features

Our platform lets employees make suggestions, raise concerns and reach out for support at any time. Trickle shows what your people are most passionate about, highlights areas to improve, and tracks their progress.

You’ll show you’re listening because you really are. Working together at all times will make things better for your people and the organisation.

Here are a few of our key offerings:

  • How Was Your Day?: This feature communicates a simple question that, when answered, gives HR an idea of how happy people are feeling day-to-day. Asking employees how they are is the first step in making a positive company culture.
  • MoodSense: Gauge employee feelings in real-time and identify whether processes are helping or hindering employee wellbeing and motivation.
  • Fist Bump: Give praise and recognise someone for their efforts and encourage peer-to-peer support.
  • Shout About: Spread positivity and boost engagement by communicating important company news and updates.

4. Inclusivity

Trickle helps employees with special accommodations, disabilities, or unique experiences feel more welcome and encouraged to engage productively with your organisation.  Offering the option to speak anonymously helps people feel safer communicating their experiences.

Trickle can also increase awareness and deepen understanding of an individual’s needs. Managers and team members can ask people what they would like to change, feed these suggestions back to company leaders and then implement new processes across the organisation.

5. People-focused

The best organisations to work for are those where employees’ views really matter; people feel comfortable speaking up about what’s on their minds, and everyone works together to make things better. When companies get this right, engagement soars. Let Trickle be your jumping-off point.

6. Results

We celebrate successes, sense employee moods, engage every team member, improve job satisfaction, use in-platform analytics tools to track engagement results, and measure their success in real-time.

Trickle has helped businesses up and down the country make their workplaces more inclusive, empowering and supportive places to be. Read our case study about how we transformed staff interaction in the Scottish NHS board.

Why not try Trickle FREE for 28-days? Sign up here to get instant access and give your people a platform where they can speak up.