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How was your day? is a fantastic enhancement to the Trickle platform that will give us real-time data and a direct connection to the voice of our Doctors in Training to help us create positive change together.


 Senior Consultant and Lead for Clinical Governance & Postgraduate Training / Educational Supervision

We want to make our AMU a place where our staff feel inspired to come to work, safe when they’re there and fulfilled at the end of the day.

How Trickle helped one of the largest teaching hospitals in the country improve its staff satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity. 

Transforming staff interaction in Scottish
NHS Board


Medical Education
BMA Scotland

Deputy Chair

Initiatives such as the ‘How was your day?’ app have the potential to help support the wellbeing of doctors and other frontline NHS workers. We would encourage them to download and try using it as one method of checking in regularly with their own mental health.

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The solution

When the AMU’s medical staff reached out to us, we knew our platform would help them achieve their ambition of rekindling previous wellbeing initiatives, driving positive change and delivering real-time value.

  • Provide staff with a central place to raise concerns, share ideas, offer peer-to-peer praise and seek support when they need it.
  • Foster greater workplace psychological safety to help people feel comfortable speaking up or raising potentially sensitive issues.
  • Create a natural two-way flowing dialogue so AMU staff could feedback upwards to management from the ground level giving a more complete picture of how the organisation is doing.
  • Embed a continuous flow of ground-up, real-time feedback to help make more evidence-based decisions that generate measurable results and improve things for everyone - including patients.
  • Validate their actions and ensure focus is directed towards the issues that matter most.

The challenge

As one of the largest teaching hospitals in the country, the hospital’s Acute Medical Unit (AMU) is one of its busiest departments, seeing more than 15,500 patients every year supported by over 180 members of staff.

  • Improve employee satisfaction results from a National Training Survey with more focus on the work experience of staff members and medical trainees.
  • Ensure that all medical staff feel healthier, happier and better able to perform their role, thereby ensuring the AMU’s patients receive the best possible care.
  • Find an employee wellbeing and engagement solution that would quickly generate evidence-based interventions to support frontline staff.

The results

Since implementing Trickle, the AMU has championed 80% of employee suggestions posted within the platform to resolution.
They have connected with their staff and increased engagement, with people regularly supporting, commenting and reacting to conversations surfaced.
Trickle’s real-time data quickly highlighted that productivity, patient safety and staff morale, were among the top areas of concern within the unit. With this feedback highlighted within the platform, the AMU were able to use Trickle to collaborate on delivering effective solutions that had an immediate positive impact on their people. 

The latest wellbeing tracker 

To track daily staff wellness and mood, Trickle houses a feature called ‘How was your day?’. This feature is a proactive tool designed to allow and encourage staff to provide daily feedback on how they are doing.
The ACU used ‘How was your day?’ to identify, rank and track the aspects that most contribute to their staff's wellbeing. Trickle provided senior staff members with a live view of where interventions were needed most while users automatically received a weekly summary of their mood over that week including relevant resources on how to improve the aspects of their wellbeing that were contributing to having bad days at work.

Moving forward

Feedback from medical staff at the AMU has been overwhelmingly positive. Trickle has made a real difference within the AMU and has provided senior team members with valuable opportunities to make impactful changes that benefit everyone, with the added bonus of having data to back up the impact the changes have made. 
It has enabled staff members to voice their opinions, ask questions openly and, as a result, has highlighted key areas that require the most urgent attention.
We're looking forward to continuing to partner with the AMU to build an even better work environment for its staff. 


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