Is your workplace truly safe? Unpacking psychological safety in the modern era.

We’re living in a time of unprecedented change, especially in the workplace. Amidst all this, there’s a term buzzing around which is impossible to ignore – psychological safety.

Psychological safety: Not just another buzzword.

We’re not talking about comfortable office chairs or free coffee.

Psychological safety is the essence of allowing your team to speak up, challenge ideas, and share their thoughts without the looming fear of retaliation or ridicule. It’s the catalyst for innovation, and quite frankly, it’s what separates progressive workplaces from stagnant ones.


Time for Some Uncomfortable Questions.

Let’s get uncomfortable for a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your teams walking on eggshells, holding back from voicing their real thoughts?
  • Are you cultivating a culture where the norm is to nod and agree, rather than challenge and question?
  • Ever get that sneaking suspicion your teams don’t believe a word you say but nod along anyway?
  • If someone plucks up the courage to speak up, are they being left out in the cold or have you got robust processes in place?
  • Are your brightest minds silenced because they fear ridicule?

If these questions made you even slightly uneasy, we’d love for you to read on…


Is your workplace psychologically safe?

Establishing psychological safety isn’t about drafting a fancy document with HR jargon. It’s about stepping up, showing up, and levelling up. It demands genuine commitment, open channels of communication, and an authentic pledge to rebuild and maintain trust, and this has to happen right from the top.

At Trickle, we can vouch for the transformative magic of genuine psychological safety. When teams feel safe and valued, they aren’t just employees. They’re engaged, dynamic powerhouses driving both personal and organisational growth.


Loved and trusted by…


Our prime reason for using Trickle is to connect with our people and find out what matters to them, and to try solving some of those tricky top five issues that are bubbling to the surface. Importantly, we also use Trickle to build trust in us as an organisation, and to create psychological safety with my team.

profile photo of Simon Edgar
Simon Edgar Director for Medical Education, NHS Lothian

Using Trickle…

  • Boosts Productivity & Morale
    Boosts Productivity & Morale

    Trickle’s transparent feedback culture empowers your team, improving productivity and morale. Fewer misunderstandings, less turnover, and a happier workplace – that’s what Trickle delivers.

  • Develops Future Leaders
    Develops Future Leaders

    By introducing a culture of shared responsibility where everyone is invited to contribute and lead, you’ll cultivate an environment that develops tomorrow’s leaders today.

  • Keeps You Ahead of the Competition
    Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

    Gain competitive advantage by using Trickle to support your whistleblowing policy. Empower your workforce to speak up anonymously and drive action internally, without third-party involvement.

  • Attracts & Retains Top Talent
    Attracts & Retains Top Talent

    In today’s competitive landscape, the best talent seeks more than just a pay check. Increase your retention rates by empowering an inclusive, agile, transparent culture where everyone feels heard, seen, and able to speak up in a psychologically safe environment.

  • Saves Money & Time
    Saves Money & Time

    With Trickle, say goodbye to inefficiency. Our smart prioritisation feature lets you cut through to focus on what’s important. Avoid the costly pitfalls of doing things that aren’t working, and start implementing performance tweaks and new ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trickle is a revolutionary communications platform designed to boost organisational productivity. We harness the power of timely anonymous, ground-up communication to drive transparency, inclusivity, and actionable insights, promoting a culture of continual improvement.

Trickle works by empowering every team member to share honest, timely anonymous feedback, ideas and suggestions. This feedback is transformed into prioritised, action-oriented tasks, fostering a culture of collective responsibility and engagement.

By bridging communication gaps, Trickle supercharges productivity and overall organisation morale.

If you’re seeking to boost productivity, foster transparency, improve morale, or drive innovation, Trickle is for you. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Trickle’s scalable and versatile platform can be tailored to suit your unique organisational needs.

Let’s Take This Forward

If you’re keen to explore how Trickle can champion your organisation in creating that safe space and fostering true ethical transparency, we’d love to connect.