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Trickle has allowed us to attend to our people, to listen to what’s being said and not said, to understand what’s really important, and to ask 'how can we help'?

Dr Achyut Valluri 

NHS Tayside
Food Standards Scotland

Chris Ironside

I had reservations about introducing a new system during a period of upheaval, but I really feel Trickle has been a big benefit to our staff. I’d recommend Trickle to anyone who wants to better engage with their people! 

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How was your day?

The 'How was your day?' feature, gives your people a simple way to monitor their personal sentiment and understand the reasons driving it whilst providing insights at an organisational level that reveal how people are feeling so pro-active support can be facilitated.

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This feature is a collaboration, supported by the Scottish Government, between Aberdeen University, NHS Lothian, NHS Tayside and Trickle.

What happens next

Individuals get a weekly report to identify what factors impact their day and organisations can track what matters most to their people in real-time.

How was your day?

A simple question can unlock so much deep and valuable insight. Quick and easy to use, your people can share how they feel and also explain why.
Tell the app what aspects of your day have contributed to your mood. Feedback is always anonymous so you can safely share how you're really feeling.

Why do you feel that way?

Trickle is an award-winning wellbeing and engagement app.
Intuitively designed, Trickle lets you connect with your people to proactively support and improve their wellbeing and engagement in real-time.
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Our latest in-app feature allows makes it easy to Improve the wellbeing of your workforce using real-time sentiment.