What is the Future of Work?

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    How would you design the perfect workplace?
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    Are you worried AI will take over your job?
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    Is remote working a headache, or the perfect solution for your employees?

The Changing Landscape of Work

From the seismic jump in artificial intelligence to the rapid increase in remote working, the landscape of work is changing rapidly, opening up new opportunities but also bringing significant challenges.

But what are the real expectations for work both today and in the future?

To learn more about what today’s leaders and employees think, we’ve been asking delegates at events across 2024 one question: What is the Future of Work?

Top priorities for the Future of Work

In our summary of early findings three very clear themes emerged.

  • AI and technological advances

    40% of people highlighted the impact and potential of AI and technological advances.

  • Inclusive, psychologically safe environments

    37% talked about the need to create inclusive, psychologically safe work environments where employees can thrive.

  • Flexible, hybrid and remote working

    28% raised the effects of changing work patters, including flexible, hybrid and remote working.

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