Looking for an employee voice tool to give everyone a space to raise their voice – and be heard?

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    Psychologically safe to encourage everyone to raise their voice - and be heard.
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    Build a culture of continuous employee-led improvement.
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    Trickle automatically ranks suggestions, feedback and ideas, allowing leaders to see the top five matters of interest, in real-time.
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Meet Trickle: the only app transforming employee voices into a list of meaningful, actionable change.

Trickle is different to communication apps and lengthy, multi-page surveys. In just one click, Trickle empowers your team to raise ideas, offer feedback, praise peers and more. Our smart prioritisation feature transforms employee voices into an actionable list of suggestions for change, all in priority order, to allow leaders to provide support where it’s needed most. With optional anonymity, our app is a safe, open environment for impactful and communication for everyone to raise their voice and be heard – without fear of judgement or negative consequences.

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    Always have the option to
    interact anonymously.
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    When we say anonymous,
    we really mean it.
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    Over 1 in 3 insights on Trickle are raised anonymously, meaning suggestions may have remained hidden.

Why Trickle?

Gather employee feedback and uncover what matters most to employees.

Trickle’s employee voice platform automatically streamlines employee feedback to identify what top 5 things matter most to your team at any given time.

As a leader, you can then focus on implementing change where it matters, boosting productivity and enhancing employee engagement.

Effortlessly boost employee engagement and morale

Agile, scalable, and user-friendly, Trickle redefines what all effective employee voice platforms should be about.

With a focus on encouraging employee engagement, Trickle’s intuitive interface allows everyone from small teams to large enterprises to enhance psychological safety and well-being in a way that’s simple, seamless, and stress-free.

Break free from convention and boost employee morale & engagement effortlessly

Leverage a new type of employee engagement platform that ensures every voice is heard

Step into a new era of workplace collaboration where inclusion, innovation, and on-the-ground insights are not only encouraged — they’re celebrated!

Trickle empowers each team member to share insights with optional anonymity. This shared responsibility model cuts through misunderstandings, promotes transparency, and ensures continuous improvement is always a priority.

Trusted by organisations across all sectors


All the tools you need to safely encourage your people to speak up, so leaders can provide support where it matters most and build a culture of continuous improvement.

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    Smart Prioritisation

    Get real-time updates on the top five things that matter most to your people at any moment. Always have the option to raise or interact with suggestions anonymously.

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    Understand how your people feel with a quick single question anonymous pulse survey.

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    Shout Abouts

    Share company news, improvements, recognise team wins and enhance your sense of community.

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    How Was Your Day?

    Track anonymous company-wide or team sentiment using a single click emoji system.

  • lighthouse

    Raise confidential matters with confidence with our safe, anonymous whistleblowing tool.

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    Fist Bump Recognition

    Give a virtual high-five to colleagues & encourage peer-to-peer support.

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