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The results, so far

Feedback from our client’s internal workshops revealed that nearly 500 employees believed Trickle had given them a voice at work. Our 2-way channel for engagement has helped realign the organisation’s view on digital media in the workplace, bringing open and collaborative working to the forefront.
Within the first few months of use, a number of initiatives had been implemented as a result of suggestions posted in Trickle.

  • Staff volunteering initiatives to support UK social impact charities.
  • Allowing the first aid room to be used as a quiet room for staff when it's not in use.
  • The creation of a staff jogging group.
  • Providing information sessions to staff regarding the release of any essential industry reports.
  • The development of an action plan has encouraged staff to wear security passes at all times for their safety and those around them.
  • Organisational teams can manage staff social events.
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The challenge

When our client reached out to us, they were looking for ways to motivate and empower their staff. They wanted to create a work culture where feedback is encouraged and people feel safe to speak up about issues that mattered to them. 

As an organisation operating in the public sector, our client felt that creating discourse within their workforce was key to creating a healthier working environment for everyone.

  • Improve employee engagement at work.
  • Develop a feedback culture where staff feel safe to challenge the way things are done.
  • Show that opinions and ideas are not only valued but encouraged.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement, where regular and quick action is taken to resolve issues and drive change.

They wanted to:

The solution

Through the adoption of the Trickle platform, our aim was to make employees feel supported, motivated and listened to. 

  • Make sure all staff can see what’s happening in the organisation and are encouraged to share their valuable input.
  • Give real-time updates and key messages to all members of staff, regardless of whether they are working in the office or from home.
  • Signpost internal and external links for advice on how to keep safe both in and outside of work as the pandemic continues.
  • Promote inhouse wellbeing resources by pushing them into the hands of the staff who need them most.

Trickle would enable the organisation to:

A quote from our happy Trickle customer

How has Trickle helped us through the pandemic? To sum it up in two words: game changer!

A quote from our happy Trickle customer

We regularly use Trickle to seek a wide range of views before decisions are made. We know that staff feedback is valued across the organisation.

A quote from our happy Trickle customer

Trickle is a great tool for making people accountable for their actions in the workplace.

Moving forward

The vast majority of this organisation’s teams said that Trickle had a particularly positive impact on employee voice and that they felt heard and listened to on a daily basis. 

We look forward to helping our client continue to build that employee voice and champion their ideas to drive change and find solutions to the type of everyday operational problems that commonly emerge in fast-changing environments. 

A happier workplace makes for a successful organisation and we are delighted to have made this a reality for our client.

Tracking wellbeing

Our MoodSense functionality has been particularly engaging for this organisation. Utilised by various teams throughout the organisation, MoodSense has been used to gather staff feedback - and do it quickly.
For example, the Communications team used MoodSense to seek reviews on the success of their staff events; the Facilities team asked about food waste bins in the office and the Health & Safety committee used Trickle to gauge how staff felt about flu jabs. 
A platform for everyone - how Trickle is helping staff in the public sector to feel heard and valued at work. 

Helping people in the public sector feel valued at work


An added bonus

Recognising the impact Trickle was having on the organisation, they also adopted our add-on feature, called Flares. Flares have assisted them in supporting staff one-on-one for more sensitive and private issues, again boosting personal wellbeing. Anything Trickle can do to further improve the health and wellbeing of your staff, we will do it wholeheartedly. 

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These included:

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