Why Do Organisations Need To Focus On Better Employee Engagement?

25th August 2019

There is so much research around which supports the need to improve Employee Engagement at all possible opportunities. The problem with such a large variety of reading is deciding which sources you can trust and where to find the appropriate research in the first place.

So, we thought it would be helpful and a time-saving exercise to put our favourite Employee Engagement articles into one blog post for you to enjoy (and, if we’re being honest, for our own benefit — it’s always good to have things structured neatly with hyperlinks!).

Why Does A Platform Like Trickle Need to Exist?

Trickle helps you focus on putting people first rather than; customers, profit, productivity, etc. We know that if you listen and engage on what matters most to your people, you will create a happy work environment and all those other target areas will then follow suit.

Here are a few key studies which back our belief that every organisation should take a People First approach:

  • According to a recent study by McKinsey & Company (a global Management Consultancy firm who conduct both quantitative and qualitative analysis to evaluate management decisions), those organisations with a competitive advantage are those who put emphasis on a positive work culture. In short, they found, those companies with top-rated company cultures are 60% more productive than their competitors (those competitors rated with ‘average company cultures’) and, in our fast-paced world, they are also 70% more likely to adapt well to change: Read full article


  • Continuing with the theme of happier employees = more productive employees. Forbes, have also written a similar piece however, they have gone into more detail with regards to specific job functions and were able to establish for sales people in particular, when they work within a positive work culture, their sales increase by up to 37%: Read full article


  • A further study by Harvard Business Review, highlights the importance of investing in people. They claim a Happy Employee is more than twice as productive as a Satisfied Employee and, more than three times as productive as a Dissatisfied Employee. Read full article


  • An additional article recently posted on Linkedin by a seasoned Recruiting and Operations Manager (Tammy Stone) also highlights the importance of ensuring a positive company culture to keep your ‘rock star’ employees interested in their role within your organisation. In fact, Tammy also emphasises that money is no longer a sole driving factor keeping people within their roles and suggests it’s the overall package (including culture) which people are prioritising to keep them happy at work. Read full article


  • Lastly, a study by Harvard Business Review found that by embracing social media-like tools within the workplace (such as Trickle), Employee Engagement not only increases however, an employees’ ability to do their job quickly and to a higher quality (being able to identify the right people and knowledge-share well) is also introduced:

“These tools can promote employee collaboration and knowledge sharing across silos. They can help employees make faster decisions, develop more innovative ideas for          products and services, and become more engaged in their work and their companies.” Read full article


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