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  • March 30, 2020

Tips to Boost Engagement & Wellbeing Throughout COVID-19

At Trickle, we have been working with our customers to gather some tips & guidance on how they have been using our Trickle platform to boost remote engagement, and provide direct wellbeing support during the uncertain weeks ahead.

Tip One – Keep People Up-to-Date Using Shout Abouts

Whenever you have updates to share with your organisation, post a Shout About to keep people up-to-speed with your latest working methods, policies and guidance on Covid-19.

You can include a link to further details on either internal sites, or external sites such as NHS 24 so that your people can read the latest information from trusted sources.

Tip Two – What’s the Mood in the Camp?

Post regular MoodSenses to ask people how things are going with the latest changes to working arrangements, for example: ‘Are our remote working tools allowing you to work effectively from home?’.

This is a good idea for two reasons:

  • By asking, it shows the organisation cares
  • When the results come in, you can respond to make improvements where possible

Tip Three – Use Trickles to Uncover Opportunities for Quick Wins

Make sure to follow up on any MoodSense questions you ask by posting a trickle.

If, for example, people indicate they are feeling uneasy with the current situation, follow up with a trickle to ask ‘Is there anything you think we could do to make the current situation easier for you?’.

Tip Four – Engage Frequently 

Be sure to stay on top of any Trickles posted or Flares sent. Now, more than ever, your people need to know you are there for them and you can show this with timely replies.

Tip Five – Don’t Forget the Social Interactions That People Enjoy

Some of our customers have started trickle threads asking people ‘What are you doing to make remote working fun?’.

Others have posted daily challenges, such as riddles, to add a more social aspect to the conversations.

Many of their colleagues have given responses in the comment section with funny images of their current work set up. They found this helped to boost people’s moods.

Tip Six –Recognise People’s Hard Work

Be sure to send Fist Bumps or group Shout Abouts to people to show your appreciation. Many of us are having to go above and beyond given the current context, and so, make sure to thank people.

Tip Seven – Improve Together

Make sure to post a regular trickle to ask people if there is anything they feel they need or how the organisation can make their situation easier.