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  • December 15, 2020

Trickle Team Donates to Mental Health UK

What better way to end the year than giving back?

This year we sat down as a team, well, joined a Zoom call, to reflect on this challenging year and discuss what is important to each of us as we move into the holiday season and approach 2021.

It was insightful to hear from our wonderful and hard working team that believe in the power of Trickle and make it so successful.

We all have different backgrounds and have experienced different ups and downs during the pandemic, not only the disruption it has caused to each of our lives but also to our families and our friends.

One thing we all had in common was the awareness of ours and others mental health as we move into the holidays.

As a team, we’re not surprised that mental health made it to the top of our collective list. Covid-19 has made 2020 one of the toughest years on recent record, nearly everyone has experienced some sort of impact on their mental health as a result of the global crisis.

This could be just the tip of the mental health iceberg

From financial anxiety, increased loneliness, grief to heightened depression, many of us are feeling utterly exhausted by the situation.

A survey by the Office of National Statistics found that almost one in five adults were likely to be experiencing some form of depression during the pandemic, almost double from around 1 in 10 before the pandemic.

Mental health experts are already warning that we could be on the brink of a mental health crisis as a result of Covid-19.

The figures coming out now only offer us a glimpse into the potential impact of Covid-19 on mental health.

The true scale of the fallout is yet to be revealed, which is why it’s essential to take proactive action now to support positive mental health.

So, instead of our Christmas Party this year we’re donating to Mental Health UK

At Trickle we understand the importance of mental health and its link to wellbeing and bodily health. If one is out of balance the other will suffer accordingly and the overall wellbeing of the individual will drop.

Without access to mental health support or wellness tools people can quickly start to feel hopeless and find themselves struggling to cope.

Mental health is a topic close to the heart of the Trickle team, and as strong advocates for positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace we have decided this Christmas to make a charitable donation to an organisation that is aligned with our beliefs – Mental Health UK.

Mental Health UK works all-year-round to help thousands of people to feel less isolated, to find information and support for their mental health and to chat peer to peer online.

Operating across the UK, the charity supports people affected by mental health problems including friends, family, and carers. The charity brings together 40 years of expertise to improve understanding and provide vital mental health care.

It offers a vast range of mental wellbeing online resources and has launched a free new online support community.

Being able to access support, reach out for help and to openly discuss mental health can make the world of difference to someone who is struggling and we hope that our donation will help the charity continue in its mission.

Mental health tips from the Trickle team 

At Trickle we regularly get together as a team, albeit digitally, to chat about our own mental health and to swap wellbeing tips. These catch ups are a great chance for us to also see how everyone is doing and reconnect as a team.

On our last call we decided to jot down some of the things our team members will be doing this holiday season to help with their mental health. We hope some of these things will be helpful to you too!

From our Founder & CEO 

“2020 has been such a tough year – the pandemic has affected us all in many different ways, but one common theme has been the impact on our mental health as we cope with constraints on our normal ways of living, and the effect of isolation from those who normally support us.

One positive for me has been hearing people starting to talk about their mental health more openly – even in conversations with my neighbours at the weekend, our friendly smalltalk has become more focussed on how we are coping and what we are doing to optimise our mental health.

I hope that we can all continue to talk more openly about how we’re feeling as we come out of the other side of this pandemic – because with shared feelings comes more opportunity to provide support to each other.”

Paul Reid – Founder & CEO