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  • September 21, 2023

The September Scramble: Retaining Staff during the return to school vibe…

September isn’t just about looking out your cosy jumpers and planning your next escape to the sun. In the world of work, it feels like a second “New Year.” Employees return post-vacation, often re-evaluating their career paths. What are you, as an employer, doing to keep them?

The True Cost of Turnover

Brace yourself. CIPD research reveals that recruiting a new employee in the UK averages £3,000, accounting for advertising, interviews, and more. However, factoring in the time to reach full productivity, costs could surge to £9,000. With these figures, the focus on retention becomes vital for cost-effective strategies. And that’s not to mention the importance of not letting talent and knowledge walk out of the door.

Investing in current employees isn’t just financially wise. It fosters growth, loyalty, and a stable environment. It’s evident: that organisations need to prioritise their current talent.

Small Changes, Monumental Results

It’s the little things that can cumulatively make the difference. According to Gallup, employees with regular feedback are twice as likely to be engaged, implying doubled productivity and satisfaction.

Connect the dots: Lower turnover equates to reduced costs. Higher engagement yields happier, more productive employees. It begins with valuing, respecting and listening to your team.

So what can you do to help ease your staff through the return to school vibe? Here’s our handy September Checklist to get you on your way…

  • Regular feedback: Incorporate it into your culture – it can’t just be a once-a-year activity.
  • Employee growth: Provide skill development and learning opportunities.
  • Mental and physical wellness focus: Happy employees are healthy ones.
  • Communication: Foster a culture of transparency with regular, open and multi-channel

This September, invest in your existing talent. Your efforts now could shape the company’s future success.

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