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  • November 21, 2023

National Bullying Week and Our Role in Creating Safer Workplaces

Last week marked National Bullying Week, a pivotal time for reflection and action against one of the more insidious issues in the workplace: bullying and harassment. Recent reports, revealing the extent of harassment faced by women in the Ministry of Defence serve as a stark reminder of the challenges women confront in traditionally male-dominated environments. These reports, laden with personal stories, underscore the urgent need for change.

As employers, we bear a profound responsibility to eradicate bullying and harassment from our workplaces. But how do we cultivate an environment that discourages such behaviour and empowers employees to speak up?

1. Cultivating open dialogue: Promoting open and honest communication is key. Regular workshops and team meetings where bullying and harassment are openly discussed can demystify these subjects and encourage employees to share their experiences and concerns.

2. Robust reporting mechanisms: Clear, confidential, and accessible reporting channels are vital. Employees should feel safe and supported when reporting incidents, free from fear of reprisal or judgment.

3. Training and education: Regular training sessions on the nature of bullying and harassment, their impacts, and strategies to address them should be mandatory. This should be seen as an ongoing educational journey, not a one-time event.

4. Leading by example: Leadership must embody the anti-bullying ethos. This means not only advocating for anti-bullying policies but also living them. Leaders should be approachable and model the respectful behaviour expected of everyone.

Empowering employees to call out bullying is essential. We aim not to create a surveillance culture but one of support and solidarity, where teams feel psychologically safe. Educating staff on identifying bullying and harassment and equipping them with the tools to address or report it can transform bystanders into allies.

National Bullying Week has reminded us that bullying and harassment remains a pervasive issue, particularly for women in the workplace. The continuous examples of toxic workplaces in mainstream news are a clarion call for businesses to step up and create safe, inclusive environments. Implementing robust policies, fostering open dialogue, and empowering employees to speak up are key steps towards making our workplaces bastions of safety and respect. The journey is ongoing, but each step brings us closer to a world where everyone, regardless of gender, can work free from fear and intimidation.

Rebecca, Chief Marketing Officer