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  • February 15, 2022

Hello from the CEO of Trickle, Paul Reid

What does 2022 have in store for Trickle? Read on to find out what exciting projects we have lined up with start-up companies and public health sectors, with a quick hello from our CEO, Paul Reid.

Hey folks, I hope you’ve all had a good start to 2022!

I asked my teammates for a wee space in our first newsletter of the year to say that thanks to the support from you and the rest of our lovely customers, Trickle continues to grow, and we now have a team of 20 Tricklers who share my passion for being champions of the transparent workplace! 

2022 is promising to be a very exciting year for our expanding team. We have introduced a new partner model to work closely with companies who provide complimentary products and services to Trickle, and we’ve already welcomed two new partners in IRIS and Purpose HR – with others to be announced soon.

We’re all very aware of the remarkable work being done by the wonderful people that drive our public health services, especially under the incredibly demanding pandemic period, and we are extremely proud to be helping our healthcare customers boost employee morale by delivering solutions to their people’s everyday workplace frustrations.

We learnt last year from working closely with the leaders within our healthcare customers that Trickle is a brilliant way of exploring workarounds to issues that arise from working in fast-changing environments.  Customers told us many success stories of Trickle users exploring quick tweaks to ways of working and cascading these out throughout affected teams – demonstrating immense creativity and flexibility in solving emerging challenges, whilst using Trickle’s data to show that people are happier as a result of the changes.

Whilst we are delighted to continue to grow our presence within the healthcare industry, we’re also seeing great demand and success with start-up organisations of fewer than 50 employees, as well as small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  We are extremely excited to be making it faster and easier for organisations with < 250 employees to start benefitting from the real-time people insights delivered by our platform, via instant access to Trickle.  This new sign-up process will launch from our website in April, and will enable people and teams of any size to easily sign up and start using Trickle straight away!

Our continued expansion has extended to our own team where we have welcomed the following new crew members:

  • Tom Purcell – Sales Manager 
  • Zoe Weir – Customer Wellbeing Manager 
  • Freya Faulkner – Executive Assistant
  • Steven Harrower – Senior Software Developer 
  • Stuart Lee – Head of Commercial 
  • Tim Booth – Data and Front End Engineer
  • Sarah Henderson – Partner Marketing Manager

Through our own internal use of Trickle, we were able to quickly identify teething problems around collaboration bottlenecks, that came about from on-boarding new teammates in to our existing structure  – which goes against our culture of being inclusive and collaborative. So our new crew members have joined us as we launch a new agile way of working, with cross-team collaborations working in squads – and this is really helping us to bring our latest innovations to you our customers, quicker than ever.  

Trickle’s MoodSense data has been invaluable for us at this time of significant change, demonstrating that morale is extremely high with people really enjoying our new agile approach – whilst a few anonymous Trickle suggestions have helped us quickly tackle some of the emerging frustrations that come from new ways of working!

We have many new features planned for Trickle in the coming months, and we can’t wait to get them in to your hands and hear your feedback.  Thanks for reading, and here’s to a fantastic 2022!

Paul Reid

Founder and CEO, Trickle