How Trickle can help organisations manage change and uncertainty

15th September 2022

Change is constant. But workplace culture has shifted dramatically in the last few years with just a few of those changes we’ve faced listed below:

  • COVID-19 brought with it uncertainty, social isolation, and health and economic concerns.
  • Returning to the office, once restrictions were lifted, caused additional employee stress and anxiety, as health worries continued and old routines challenged the new work/life balance.
  • Work From Home policies became popular throughout 2020/21. Pitfalls of remote/hybrid working include loss of employee engagement and feelings of being constantly ‘on call’. 

To add to all this change, a lot of unprecedented, employers and employees alike face additional crises such as:

  • Worries about rising energy costs
  • Inflation impacting food and living prices
  • Geopolitical instability delaying supply chains

All of these issues, and more, pose significant risks to businesses, that include:

  • Low morale 
  • Higher rates of attrition 
  • Decreased employee productivity
  • Difficulties in maintaining business continuity

Therefore, company leaders will face a rapid need transform to stay afloat in during such trying times.

Trickle is a platform designed to help you keep your company culture on an even keel as you navigate through turbulent periods.

Gaining insight into how your employees feel about their working culture is the first step in creating positive changes that boost productivity, morale, and ultimately, business profitability. 

For example, Trickle’s anonymous feedback capabilities allow staff to voice their individual opinions – anything from rising energy cost fears to comments about work/life balance.

Or use Trickle to poll your teams and create survey questions that uncover their trepidations about hybrid working, commuting costs, or any pertinent internal topics. 

To find out more about Trickle’s benefits in measuring and boosting workplace engagement, get in touch to book a free trial now. 

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