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  • March 23, 2022

How to Create an Abundance Mindset in the Workplace

How to create an abundance mindset in the workplace is the focus point in the latest article from the Trickle team.

From individuals to entire businesses, forming the right mindset is important. It can be the difference between success and failure and determines whether we reach our full potential.

Creating a positive mindset within your business can help employees’ personal development and boost their confidence, morale and performance.

What is an abundance mindset?

Most employees and organisations operate with either an abundance or scarcity mindset.

Those with a scarcity mindset see the world in a very “glass half empty” way, always erring on the side of negativity and never feeling like they have enough. This can make people shy away from challenges and opportunities, because they just don’t believe they have the ability to tackle them.

They also don’t take the time to try and improve themselves, assuming that even developing new skills won’t be enough to take the next step, keeping them in a cycle of underperformance.

When those at the top of a business have a scarcity mindset, teams under them get discouraged and their morale is deflated.

On the opposite side of the coin, those with an abundance mindset see the world as “glass half full”, adopting a much more positive attitude. They approach tasks with confidence, believing themselves to be capable of performing to the best of their abilities.

They don’t see failure as a setback, but as an opportunity to develop and grow. They’re team players who are open to innovation and new ideas.

People who put others first and help them to succeed, who are loyal and committed, and who focus on what can be done, rather than what can’t; they are the people who will help your business be the best it can be.

How to create an abundance mindset

As you can see, fostering a positive culture in your workplace can lead to more positive results. Here are a few ideas of how to create an abundance mindset in your employees.

  • Change negatives to positives. When we dwell on the negative aspects of work, we’re more likely to get trapped into a scarcity mindset. Ask employees to focus on the positives instead and identify what went well each day — you could even hold meetings that purely revolve around talking about the positives.
  • See failures as opportunities. An abundance mindset may not guarantee success, but that attitude reframes negative outcomes into new possibilities. Failure demonstrates you are trying and allows you to see what approaches don’t work. Every mistake you make is just a chance to learn.
  • Encourage your leadership team and management to be open to new ideas and find ways to implement suggestions from their teams. Rather than immediately saying no, or finding flaws in ideas, they should find ways to make them happen. This will foster a culture of engagement and development, where the employee experience is moulded to better fit their working patterns.
  • View differences as a positive and support employees in bringing their whole selves to work. The more diverse your workforce, with multiple opinions, perspectives and experiences, the more creative and innovative your output will be.
  • The ability for employees to be authentic and vulnerable helps foster trust, which is vital to creating an open culture where people feel invested and proud of their workplace. Empowered employees feel confident to put forward unconventional ideas.
  • Create a mentorship program, where positive and confident members of your leadership team can give guidance to other employees.

Developing an abundance mindset isn’t difficult, but it does take commitment. It can take time to change an entire business culture — but ultimately, an abundance mindset throughout your organisation will give your employees the confidence to propel your business forward.

To help achieve this, consider implementing an employee engagement platform like Trickle in your organisation.

Use Trickle to create an abundance mindset

Start developing an abundance mindset in your organisation by giving your employees access to the Trickle platform, where they can more easily engage with yourselves and the wider team.

Trickle allows employees to speak up and be heard. With Trickle posts, they can raise issues, ask questions and post suggestions. In addition to this, here are a few features that demonstrate how to create an abundance mindset throughout your business.

Foster collaboration and implement new ideas

In the Champions Chat area, colleagues can collaborate and discuss Trickles, working together to innovate, solve issues and make ideas happen.

Posting Trickles helps employees bring their ideas to the forefront of the company, with the option to do this anonymously if it makes the person more comfortable, providing an opportunity for staff to see positive change.

Gauge how people are feeling

The MoodSense feature lets you take a temperature check on how people are doing, giving you instant insights into areas that require action. See these as opportunities to create an even better work environment for your employees.

Reward, recognise & motivate

Our Fist Bump feature is a great way to give praise, to recognise someone for their efforts and encourage peer-to-peer support. It’s perfect for fostering positivity in the workplace.

You can also spread positivity and boost engagement with Shout Abouts, which allow you to share important company news and celebrate team wins.

Support employees by providing a psychologically safe space

Employees can seek support on a work or personal matter that’s impacting their health or wellbeing, remaining anonymous if they wish.

By allowing anonymous posting, Trickle gives employees the ability to raise their opinions and have their say in an environment that supports their psychological safety.

If you’d like to start to see the benefits of an abundance mindset in your workplace, get in touch with our team to book a short 20 minute demo. Alternatively you can trial Trickle absolutely free.