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  • July 13, 2019

Hello from Trickle

Hello and welcome to the first of many Trickle blog posts to come. At Trickle we aim to help organisations create cultures where their people come first and, we really do want to see a world where we continue to focus on creating more positive work environments for everyone to enjoy.


Trickle help support the working world of the future by emphasising the importance of everyone having a voice (no matter their job title or length of service). Our platform encourages open and natural conversations — we know this helps to surface great ideas and opinions, and reveals issues which people might not otherwise choose to talk about.

Trickle has exciting aspirations for the future of work and we’d love it if you join us on our journey. Being part of Scotland’s booming tech scene (with already proven start-up success behind us), our growing team is keen to introduce themselves and demo our platform.

What does Trickle do?

Many of you are probably wondering what is Trickle? and, how does it work?. Well, before we go into the How. It’s probably worth setting the scene and going into the What first …


Trickle’s Founder and CEO, Paul Reid, set up a company called Sigma Seven. After a successful 15 year journey, Sigma Seven was acquired by a company with 70,000 employees. Paul worked within the new organisation to integrate Sigma Seven into its new home. During this time, he realised how difficult it can be in making your voice heard within a large organisation — and the challenges that this causes, especially in times of transformation.


One of the main challenges in the new integrated business was that feedback and feelings from the original Sigma Seven team were not making it back to those who were empowered to deal with the issues. Paul made it his job to ‘trickle’ this back as part of the integration process, and there you go… the idea for Trickle was born — a platform which allows people to voice their feelings, suggestions and concerns, and have them dealt with in an open and transparent way.

And, this then brings us back to the ‘How?’

Yes, there are other organisations who capture people’s views using a survey-led approach. We at Trickle however, want to turn this on its head, we don’t want to force people to voice opinions on areas agreed important enough else-where, we instead want all people to voice their opinions in a natural way (as and when they come to them).


In short, our platform facilitates conversations about the most important matters from the perspective of your people… leading to natural engagement.

Why would I need Trickle?

We’re very lucky to have already signed clients since we opened for business in January 2019 and, here are a list of some of the reasons our current clients are using Trickle:

Transformational programmes

Business transformation can lead to unsettled times for people, whether changes are being made to the way they work, or not.


With Trickle, team members can voice their concerns (anonymously if they choose) allowing the organisation to truly understand priority matters. This level of communication and transparency helps to instil an engaged, healthy and happy work culture.


Many organisations go through restructures. This means, people are moved into job roles and departments they are unsure about and others remain in positions they would have liked to move from.


Trickle’s platform helps to ease this period of uncertainty by allowing people to voice their concerns and need for help anonymously (or, if they prefer, using their profile), making the transitional process easier and happier for all concerned.

New systems

With the tech boom which is currently going on around us, we are seeing more and more platforms being introduced to facilitate our everyday working lives. With this, comes a steep learning curve for many employees — new systems means understanding how to work your way around new technology.


This can often be intimidating and people may not want to admit to struggling. With Trickle’s platform, concerns or even, the need for more training, can be voiced and allocated Trickle Champions will then have visibility of these needs which means they can kick-start the necessary steps to ensure everyone is comfortable.

Trickle ensures everyone is included

Decisions which affect the entire organisation can often be made at departmental level — we recently had a client who recognised the need to refresh their brand and company values. They however, did not want to keep this process exclusive to the Marketing & Brand Depts, as they valued the opinions of many of their other team members.


With Trickle, the Marketing team were able to share the proposed new values/brand and gain feedback at a company-wide level.

There are so many other aspects of a work place which Trickle can help with. Request a demo today to find out how Trickling It can help improve your work culture, productivity and reduce expenditure.