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  • December 5, 2019

Employee Engagement and Employee Experience – The Power of “E”

Employee engagement is an emotive term that has hogged centre stage over the past couple of decades. It’s generally thought of as an effort from organisations to better understand the people that work for them and their needs or motivations. The reason – to create happier work cultures people will want to be part of, meaning more enthusiasm to be at work, better productivity and higher people retention.

Defining, measuring and improving employee engagement requires large amounts of effort, time and money. This is likely down to lack of clarity over exactly what it means and represents. The general consensus is people put in more effort at what they do, and are more effective, if they feel an emotional connection to their work.

Most organisations recognise there is a strong link between having engaged employees and the bottom line, particularly in some areas such as customer service and personal productivity.

Then there’s the subject of employee experience. This often gets combined with employee engagement, and is certainly linked, but most commonly reflects the employee’s view on an employer. An employee’s view is often based on more physical criteria such as the actual workplace environment, having the best “tools” for the job, and the reality of work-life balance.

It could be summed up as:

Engage Employees through great Employee Experience to help increase their Employee Engagement – that’s an awful lot of E’s!

The world is becoming more impersonal with the adoption of technology, AI and complex opaque algorithms. As just a few examples; interviews are now machine lead (despite how most people have successfully been able to carry them out without 24,000 data points), clever annual surveys spend months number crunching the nuances to second guess what people ACTUALLY mean (and identify who might be about to leave – oh – they left yesterday). In short, we are all a “number” in the soup of big data, a credit score, a marketing profile!

At Trickle we want to put the personal back into people, to give them the chance to speak their mind and engage in natural conversations at the time that they are relevant. In life if you want to know something you probably go online and look it up; if you want to know someone you probably talk with them. We don’t refer to employees, but to people – simple but fundamental to an underlying attitude.

So, come and join our mission. Put the human back where they belong – at the heart and soul of the party. And start to find out what needs to happen before it is too late!

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