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  • August 26, 2022

6 Signs Your Employees Are Burnt Out

In our latest article, we discuss 6 signs for your organisation’s HR team to watch out for that tell them their employees are burnt out.

Only 23% of UK employees said that employers had an adequate plan in place to recognise and prevent chronic stress in their employees. This isn’t good enough, far from it.

The Difference Between Stress and Burnout

Stress  Burnout 
Engagement levels are unsustainably high Engagement levels are unsustainably low (disengaged)
Overreaction to situations Reactions are muted
Can be a cause of death in physically healthy people Life can seem pointless, a nihilistic approach may emerge
Lower energy levels than usual Lower motivation levels than usual
Physical damage is most common Emotional damage is most common
Anxiety issues may appear The person may become detached from work as well as being depressed
There is a ‘way out’ by completing all tasks There is no visible ‘way out’, completing all tasks will not help the situation

The Difference Between Good Stress and Bad Stress 

Good Stress Bad Stress 
Going on a first date Being in debt
Playing a video game Any form of abuse
Playing a sport Serious health problems
Working on a creative
Serious relationship issues (familial, romantic or


woman having a headache, massaging her head

6 Signs of Burnout

Excessive tiredness

Employees that feel mentally or physically drained over a long period of time.

Frequent illness

This can be a sign of an immune system that isn’t functioning properly due to burnout.

External, unhealthy coping mechanisms

Drinking alcohol, smoking or ‘comfort eating’.

Lashing out at others

This can be a particularly worrying sign for someone who is usually reserved and relaxed.

Isolation and withdrawal

Avoiding colleagues, finding excuses to be alone, not participating in conversations.


Struggling to concentrate for short amounts of time or shorter than usual.

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