The People Plan, the People Promise Proposal

Helping you deliver your people promise and vision to create a bright sustainable future for NHS human resources, organisational development and your most precious assets, your people.

What is Trickle?

Trickle is an employee engagement, recognition and wellbeing platform designed to help organisations create a people-first culture that keeps their people connected, engaged and happy at work.

How can Trickle help you achieve your People Promise?

Know your people, well

Trickle helps you understand what’s important to your people, how they’re feeling and what support they need. Conversation flows naturally from the ground up, people can choose anonymity to encourage inclusivity and support can be accessed confidentially.


Recognition & reward

Did you know that 80% of people leave their job due to a lack of recognition? But with Trickle’s Fist Bump feature, you can increase job satisfaction, retention and boost morale by sending meaningful praise and recognition to someone for their efforts.

Understand what’s important

Trickle provides a psychologically safe environment where people can share their ideas, opinions or suggestions. Trickle automatically ranks what’s most important and with this visibility, you can develop ideas, tackle issues fast, and deliver quick wins.

Put your people first

Your people can easily raise issues of concern relating to health, wellbeing or safety. This could be anything from lights in the parking lot to seeking support on a personal matter. There’s also a wellbeing log to empower them to make positive changes for better days.

Grow & develop together

Your people professionals can share learning and resources, announce updates and even celebrate wins by departments, teams or on mass. Trickle also follows a user experience similar to popular social media platforms, resulting in high adoption and ease of use.

Work smarter, not harder

Remote and flexible working has become a normal way of life but it’s not been without its challenges. To enable balance, Trickle can be accessed anytime, across devices, so people can stay connected and involved in conversations when it’s right for them.

Be in it together

Trickle brings your organisation and people together under one digital roof. Trickle encourages collaboration and helps people to communicate better. By listening to what’s important to your employees and gaining meaningful insights you will naturally improve the way you work together.

What our customers say

Trickle has allowed us to attend to our people, to listen to what’s being said and not said, to understand what’s really important, and to ask how can we help?

Dr Achyut Valluri Training Lead for the Acute Medical Unit, NHS Tayside

The fantastic ‘How was your day?’ tool within Trickle gives us real-time data and a direct connection to the voice of our doctors in training to help us create positive change together.

Dr Simon Edgar Director for Medical Education, NHS Lothian

How Trickle works

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Powerful lead metrics to measure and improve

Trickle’s real-time insights make it easy to identify and respond to emerging issues with targeted actions. The Insights dashboard is designed to make reading data a breeze so you can monitor and track the satisfaction, happiness, stress and wellbeing of your teams and organisation as a whole.

  • Real-time user insights and feedback
  • Sophisticated analytics that are easy to interpret
  • Interventions powered and tracked by data

Take the Trickle tour

Our platform is a safe space to facilitate employee-led improvements that allows organisations to make positive and meaningful changes by tackling what matters most to their people as they surface.

We’d love to show you Trickle in action and help you learn about the various ways we’ve helped to improve workplaces for our customers. Why not book a 30 minute demo with one of our friendly team?

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