Hear what our clients say about Trickle

We asked some of our clients to share their experience of using Trickle. Read some of their testimonials below.


“Trickle was a very easy tool to integrate into our team as the onboarding process was efficient and straightforward.

The team at Trickle are extremely supportive and always have helpful resources on hand to support the most effective use of the platform.

We particularly like the anonymity feature which gives all of our team members a voice. This feature encourages people to step forward where they otherwise perhaps would not.

We would recommend Trickle as an engagement tool and see great value in the ability to recognise, collaborate and support one another.”

Federation for Industry Skills & Standards

“When a business goes through a period of change its vitally important that a business listens to its employees. The key is never to assume what you think people are thinking. We implemented Trickle at FISSS during a change process and continue to use it on an ongoing basis to understand sentiment and mood across the business.

Even though we are quite a small team, we are diverse and like different things so it’s important we understand this at all times. Trickle has been instrumental in a number of new initiatives we have brought into the business. Some of these new benefits are directly attributable to ideas and discussions that started in Trickle.

The support from Trickle has also been second to none. You never feel alone and they seem as invested in the success of the system just as much as we are.”

– Barry Hynd, Interim Chief Operating Officer

NHS Tayside

“Trickle has allowed us to attend to our people, to listen to what’s being said and not said, to understand what’s really important, and to ask how can we help?”

– Dr Achyut Valluri, Training Lead for the Acute Medical Unit

Grampian Housing Association

“We use Trickle at the Grampian Housing Association and it never ceases to amaze me that no matter how good you think your internal communications are, people need some assurance in this time of uncertainty. Trickle has enabled colleagues at all levels to come forward as ‘leaders’ to give advice and comment as mentors to their colleagues. We hope this gives peer to peer trust and assurance.”

– Craig Stirrat, Chief Operating Officer

Aberdeenshire Council

“Trickle has been great for providing a safe space to put forward ideas, debate and generally discuss. We always struggled to get input from the wider team and Trickle has been great with opening that up.”

– Rob Simpson, Head of Housing

Food Standards Scotland

“I had reservations about introducing a new system during a period of upheaval, but I really feel Trickle has been a big benefit to our staff. Trickle’s Customer Wellbeing team has been very engaged in delivering value to us, and I’ve been really impressed with the level of service and the attention to detail they provide. I’d recommend Trickle to anyone who wants to better engage with their people!”

– Chris Ironside, IT Project Manager

Student Awards Agency Scotland

“In fairness there’s never been a more important time for us to stay connected and engage with each other so hats off to you and the team – you’re doing a cracking job!”

– Hannah, Comms Team

Progressive Pathways Ltd

“We have been exploring Trickle and we absolutely love it! It’s such a fabulous platform – intuitive, easy to use and exceptionally complementary to the services we provide at PPL.”

– Laura Flannagan, Partner

The Scottish Government

“We haven’t been using Trickle for long, we already see the platform is helping with supporting organisational change. The steps taken to ensure open feedback are very useful for detailed discussion, helping us resolve a wide variety of topics posted by our team.”

– Rachael McLean, Head of Logical Modernisation Unit

Eden Scott

“We found the Trickle platform quick and simple to implement, the Trickle team managed this remotely without any fuss and we were live within days. Having used the platform for a while now, we are already starting to see a positive impact – requests and suggestions have been coming in from our team which we are accommodating where possible.”

– Simone Thompson, Talent Manager

West Dunbartonshire Council

“We chose to work with Trickle because they understood quickly what we were trying to achieve and recognised our desire to improve the support we offer our best resource – our employees. Trickle also showed they are role models in Employee Engagement with their approach.”

– Alison McBride, Strategic People and Change Manager

The Scottish Government

“Trickle can and probably will solve a lot of issues, concerns and drive a change in how we, teams and the organisation could work. I love it.”

– Liza McLean, Digital Strategy & Business Management Division Head

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