Take a look at what some of our clients have to say about Trickle!

“We have been exploring Trickle and we absolutely love it! It’s such a fabulous platform – intuitive, easy to use and exceptionally complementary to the services we provide at PPL.”

- Laura Flannagan, Partner at Progressive Pathways Limited

“In fairness there’s never been a more important time for us to stay connected and engage with each other so hats off to you and the team – you’re doing a cracking job!”

- Hannah, Comms Team, SAAS

We chose to work with Trickle because they understood quickly what we were trying to achieve and recognised our desire to improve the support we offer our best resource – our employees. 

Trickle also showed they are role models in Employee Engagement with their approach.

- Alison McBride, Strategic People and Change Manager, West Dunbartonshire Council

We haven’t been using Trickle for long, we already see the platform is helping with supporting organisational change. The steps taken to ensure open feedback are very useful for detailed discussion, helping us resolve a wide variety of topics posted by our team.

- Rachael McLean, Head of Legal Modernisation Unit, Scottish Government

Trickle can and probably will solve a lot of issues, concerns and drive a change in how we, teams and the organisation could work. I love it.

- Liza McLean, Digital Strategy & Business Management Division Head, Scottish Government

We found the Trickle platform quick and simple to implement, the Trickle team managed this remotely without any fuss and we were live within days. Having used the platform for a while now, we are already starting to see a positive impact – requests and suggestions have been coming in from our team which we are accommodating where possible.

- Simone Thompson, Talent Manager, Eden Scott