We don’t fully endorse third party suppliers at the moment. However, I can assure you that we are very satisfied with all of our work with Trickle and we look forward to continuing and evolving our partnership with everyone at Trickle.

- Anon

Disclore Scotland

It’s a great tool and has been very successful with engaging what can be a tough crowd. I do enjoy using it – keep up the good work.

- William Orrick, Disclosure Scotland

Trickle can and probably will solve a lot of issues, concerns and drive a change in how we, teams and the organisation could work. I love it.

- Liza McLean, Digital Strategy & Business Management Division Head, Scottish Government

We found the Trickle platform quick and simple to implement, the Trickle team managed this remotely without any fuss and we were live within days. Having used the platform for a while now, we are already starting to see a positive impact – requests and suggestions have been coming in from our team which we are accommodating where possible.

- Simone Thompson, Talent Manager, Eden Scott