Engaging remote employees

Trickle – the complete employee engagement and wellbeing platform for motivating a remote team.

Trickle offers remote teams the tools to stay connected by:

  • Encouraging collaboration through communication.
  • Regular checkins to monitor employees’ mood and wellbeing.
  • Anonymity feature that provides a safe option for people to be completely honest.
  • Boosting employee morale with motivational rewards.

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The benefits of remote working

  • Better work-life balance
  • Flexibility to hire from anywhere
  • Greater employee autonomy
  • Reduced staff turnover rate
  • Lower business overheads

The pandemic has rapidly shifted the working culture. In 2020 the number of remote workers increased by 216%. Two years later, 29% of employees globally now work remotely on a permanent basis, with 36% working from home occasionally.

As a result of the switch, the World Economic Forum (WEF) found that workplace productivity scores increased between the years 2020 and 2021. The study concluded that the boost in productivity could be attributed to improving technologies or employees becoming more settled into remote/hybrid working routines.

Furthermore, more recent studies show that employers offering remote/hybrid working experience 15-25% lower staff turnover rate. High employee attrition rates equal higher recruitment expenditure as it costs an average of £3,000 to hire a new employee.. Subsequently, studies of the recruitment industry in 2022 reveal that 30% of roles listed on major UK job sites include remote or hybrid working options.

Attracting the right talent is integral to the success of an organisation. So, to find and retain the best candidates, businesses need to ensure that they do all they can to create a flexible working environment that motivates and uplifts all employees.

The challenges in remote working

Studies also show that 73% of employees prefer more flexible working arrangements. But, Work from Home (WFH) presents challenges when it comes to motivating these teams:

  • Engagement — It’s all too easy for employees to close themselves off from their colleagues when working remotely. 56% of employees say transitioning to WFH posed challenges for workplace collaboration.
  • Isolation — The reduction in face-to-face integration can bring about feelings of isolation. 24% of employees say coping with loneliness is one of the most difficult aspects of remote/hybrid working.
  • Communication — Collaboration and communication is vital to ensure that each individual feels part of your workplace culture. 17% of employees cite communication as the most defining factor in WFH success.

What does this mean for organisations?

While WFH is hugely rewarding for employees, companies must make sustained efforts to ensure that teams make the most of the increased flexibility.
This means looking after their teams’ wellbeing in ways that, up until now, they may not have been accustomed to.

For instance, 9 out of 10 employers now invest in supporting their employees’ mental wellbeing. In 2019 only 7 in 10 bosses believed these provisions were a spending priority for businesses.

As mentioned previously the WEF found that the success of WFH during the pandemic was helped along by advancements in remote working technologies. For example, 2021 saw a 65% increase in investments in employee HealthTech solutions compared with 2019 figures. As such, employee engagement apps like Trickle can be the perfect addition to your company’s wellbeing provisions, and play a pivotal role in engaging remote teams.

Why Trickle is vital to engaging remote teams

Trickle offers remote employees the tools to stay connected, enhance engagement, and helps managers maintain a dynamic team no matter where they are.

How Trickle’s features can engage remote teams

  • Trickles — Use Trickle’s main activity feed to post suggestions or concerns to your team from anywhere. Spark conversations in the form of ‘Trickles’ and invite your colleagues to ask questions, raise issues, or give feedback in a way that boosts engagement across your organisation.
  • MoodSense — Quickly check-in with your employees’ feelings and moods and monitor the results in real-time.
  • Fist Bump — We all like to be appreciated for our hard work. Trickle’s Fist Bump feature allows remote teams to recognise and reward each other’s efforts instantly.
  • ShoutAbout — Trickle allows users to celebrate and praise others by posting a ShoutAbout. Share success, good news, and any improvements made from Trickles raised, MoodSense results or other Trickle findings.
  • Anonymity — Trickle provides an option for users to comment and post anonymously. Staff get the opportunity to share ideas or concerns anonymously, making them feel more comfortable sharing their honest feelings — which can encourage participation.
  • Top 5 Ranking — The Trickle platform ranks the top 5 discussion topics most important to your employees. Instantly prioritise teams’ needs and collaborate to improve remote working culture and team cohesion over time.

What our customers say

The beauty of the Trickle app is how useful it is. It helps everybody.

A big selling point is how team-focussed it is, which is ideal for organisations like us.

We particularly like the anonymity feature which encourages people to step forward where they otherwise would not.

We would recommend Trickle as an engagement tool and see great value in the ability to recognise, collaborate and support one another.

How Trickle works

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The importance of employee feedback

  • 89% of HR leaders believe that ongoing employee feedback is essential to the success of an organisation.
  • 60% of employees would like to give/receive feedback at least once a week.
  • Interestingly, remote workers are more likely to feel that their opinion matters to their employers, with 84% of remote workers believing that their feedback makes a positive organisational impact.
  • Employees who feel heard are nearly five times more likely to be empowered to do their best work.

The importance of employee feedback cannot be overstated

Trickle offers real-time insights and can identify and respond to emerging issues within your organisation. Our sophisticated analytics dashboard focuses on the importance of employee feedback and can monitor stress and happiness levels across your entire organisation.

If you want more information on how Trickle can boost engagement and wellbeing in your remote teams, get in touch, or try out our platform free for 28 days.