The platform for building a better workplace

Find out what’s really going on inside your organisation, listen to what’s important to your employees and get meaningful insights to help improve the way you work together.

Gain a deep understanding of your people

Trickle is a safe space for people to be completely open and honest. The only way to make things better is to know what’s going on.

Trickle gives your people a platform to openly share concerns, issues and suggestions and provides a place for people to feel valued and recognised for their participation.

Embed a culture of continuous improvement

Trickle is an employee experience platform that helps businesses like yours understand what matters most to your employees.

Our Continuous Improvement Cycle stands at the heart of our platform. It’s about nudging happiness, engagement and productivity up a little every day, contributing to major organisational improvement.

Listen, engage and create positive change

Trickle prioritises your Top 5 Trickles automatically, allowing you to easily identify the most pressing matters within your organisation.

The collaboration features mean your teams can quickly react to identified opportunities for improvement and get to work on making the little changes that make a big difference.

Measure the impact in real-time

Trickle’s live data demonstrates the impact your improvements have had throughout your organisation. With our easy-to-understand real-time metrics, you know that every decision you make is backed by data. With real-time and relevant data at your fingertips, you can easily measure the impact of your changes.

94% of us feel stressed at work right now

With Trickle, you can check in to see how your people are doing and provide support as it’s needed because when you focus on your people the results speak for themselves.

A strong sense of belonging can reduce sick days by 75%
Top rated business cultures post 60% higher returns
High levels of inclusion can increase productivity by 56%

Trickle for teams

Right now, your people may be missing out on ‘water cooler moments’, but they can still have those meaningful discussions and connections – online, on Trickle. They’re often where the best ideas come from.

  • Share responsibilities to make things better for everyone
  • Recognise hard work and praise teammates
  • Bring teams closer together and focus on what’s important
  • Make difficult conversations easier and more productive

Trickle for individuals

Trickle is a safe place for people to share their thoughts. That could be a business idea, a concern about group morale, or a sensitive issue about you or one of your teammates’ health or wellbeing.

  • Raise, discuss and tackle emerging issues
  • Share ideas as they come – and build on them, together
  • Suggest what’d make things easier or more enjoyable
  • Ask questions and get people’s honest opinions


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I had reservations about introducing a new system during a period of upheaval, but I really feel Trickle has been a big benefit to our staff.

I’d recommend Trickle to anyone who wants to better engage with their people!

Chris Ironside Food Standards Scotland

We chose to work with Trickle because they understood quickly what we were trying to achieve and recognised our desire to improve the support we offer our best resource – our employees.

Trickle also showed they are role models in Employee Engagement with their approach.

Alison McBride West Dunbartonshire Council
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Our platform is a safe space to facilitate employee-led improvements that allows organisations to make positive and meaningful changes by tackling what matters most to their people as they surface.

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