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Trickle can and probably will solve a lot of issues, concerns and drive a change in how we, teams and the organisation could work. I love it.


Watch our quick explainer video to find out how Trickle can support your people and improve your business.

What Trickle can do for your business

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A real-time engagement, wellbeing and recognition platform that drives value and innovation by giving your people a voice.

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Liza McLean

Scottish Government
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Trickle understood quickly what we were trying to achieve and recognised our desire to improve the support we offer our best resource – our employees.

The Ultimate
Guide to Employee Engagement

What it really is, why it's important, how to manage a lack of employee
engagement and how to create 
best practice engagement in your business.
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Why employee engagement and wellbeing matters

Investing in your people creates happier, more motivated and more profitable workforces.

Features and benefits

Gauge how people are feeling

The MoodSense feature can be used to find out how your people are doing, feeling or thinking about a particular matter.

Reward and recognise

The Fist Bump feature is a great way to give praise, recognise someone for their efforts and encourage peer-to-peer support.

Wellbeing support that works

Flares allow your people to seek support on a work or personal matter that may be impacting their health or wellbeing. A Flare can also be raised anonymously.

Foster innovation

The insights dashboard gives you real-time data to help you identify opportunities and make more
strategic decisions.
Here are just a selection of the features and benefits you get with Trickle.

Open forum to be heard equally

Trickles allow your people to voice their opinions and make suggestions. They are a direct way for your business to resolve issues and make improvements.

Find out what's important

Flames are used to show how important a Trickle is. The higher the flame, as indicated by your people, the hotter the topic.

Inspired people are 150% more productive

A strong sense of belonging can reduce 
sick days by 75%

Businesses with top rated cultures post 
60% higher returns

Higher levels of inclusion can increase productivity by 56%

Your business starts with your people

Your people are your greatest asset, when they thrive so does your business. Trickle is an intuitive app that will help you achieve optimal business performance and engagement while supporting the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Create an open and inclusive culture  

Break down silos by giving your people a platform to openly share concerns, issues and suggestions. Trickle is a place for people to feel valued and recognised for their participation and contributions.

Listen, engage and innovate

Trickle allows you to tackle emerging issues before they grow into bigger problems. This agile approach highlights opportunities for improvement and innovation, ensuring your finger is firmly on the pulse.

Timely health and wellbeing support

Your employees can actively reach out for support or guidance in a safe and confidential environment, no matter the issue at hand. They can even remain anonymous if they wish.

Drive tangible business returns

The cost of absenteeism, mental health and staff turnover on a business is considerable. Address these issues, deliver tangible returns and foster a first-class culture with Trickle.
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