Drive Employee Engagement and Wellbeing With Trickle

Trickle is an online platform that brings employee engagement, wellbeing and recognition together in one dynamic app.

Our platform enables organisations to build a better workplace and achieve better business performance by engaging, collaborating and supporting the health and wellbeing of their people.

Trickle Features

Trickle is passionate about helping organisations to build more human-centric workplaces where people are able to perform their best and feel their best.

We believe the workplace of the future should be somewhere people are able to thrive and love to be a part of.

Using Trickle organisations can listen, engage and innovate by focusing on what’s important to their people.

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How Does Trickle Deliver Better Employee Engagement?

Happy people are more engaged and perform better at work, but what really motivates engagement?

That’s where Trickle comes in. Trickle gives your people a voice so they can share their opinions, ideas and suggestions with you any time – no delays, no frustration and no missed opportunities.

Our real-time platform enables organisations to tune into their people’s feelings to better understand what matters most to them. 

With Trickle’s powerful dashboard analytics, you’ll gain insights to make better and more strategic decisions to achieve your organisational goals faster.

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Improve your business today

You’ve invested money, time and energy into building your team and we want to help you get the most out of working together.

Using Trickle’s real-time employee engagement solution, you can increase happiness, morale, productivity and so much more.