About Us

What Trickle Stands For

We are Trickle, and we’re here to help you put your people first. We know this leads to a better business — in fact, a far better business.

We are champions of the working environment of the future — we want to help build a world where organisations truly care about what their people say, just as much as they care about their customers.

How We Do It

Every day, things happen which can cause people to feel happy, sad or a little bit uneasy… that’s just life. The world’s leading organisations tune in to these feelings, and work together with everyone involved, creating teams that don’t let daily challenges get in the way of winning. Trickle helps you build these teams.

Everyone’s Views Matter

We jump out of bed in the morning to make it easier for you to hear what your people are really thinking. We’ve created a platform, where your people can Trickle their feedback day by day, helping you build a culture where everyone's views matter, regardless of their role or length of service.

you’ve invested money, time and energy into building your teams, and we want to help you get the most out of working together.

We are Trickle, and we love helping people to work better together.

Improving everything, every day.

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