We are Trickle and we’re here to help you put your people first. We know this increases Employee Engagement and leads to a more successful organisation.


Our Employee Engagement solution works for all organisations who want to create high performing, more productive and happier teams.

We are champions of the workplace of the future (sometimes described as Future of Work). We aim to help build organisations that can truly care about their people by listening to how their employees want to work.

We believe Your People Are Your Business and by creating a culture that works well for your teams, you will make sure your customers are also happy and that your organisation booms.

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How We Achieve Better Employee Engagement With Our Solution

Every day, things happen that cause people to feel happy, sad or a little bit uneasy – that’s just life. The world’s leading organisations tune in to these feelings and work with everyone involved to create teams that don’t let daily challenges get in the way of winning.

Trickle’s Employee Engagement solution helps you increase your People Engagement and ultimately build a successful workforce.

We do this by giving people a place to trickle their suggestions, praise and concerns. This then gives you the opportunity to find out what’s most important and engage with your employees to reach agreed outcomes.



We’ve created an Employee Engagement solution where your people can trickle their feedback day by day, helping you build a culture where everyone’s views matter – regardless of their role or length of service.

You’ve invested money, time and energy into building your team and we want to help you get the most out of working together by increasing your Employee Engagement.