16th April 2020

Shout Abouts have gone XL!

In our latest update, Shout Abouts can now have a separate title and body, meaning that you can use them to send out far more info than you could before. In fact, 1000 more words that you could use before.

Shout Abouts before

This makes Shout Abouts ideal for sending out detailed updates to either you entire organisation, or a specific location or department.

Or perhaps for writing a blog-like post updating your team mates on a project you’ve been working on.

Or maybe sharing some success stories from your department, or best practice in how to cope with the ever-changing working conditions that we find ourselves facing daily at this time.

Shout Abouts after

So remember… now you can write a Shout About title of up to 140 characters (the size the entire Shout About used to be), plus a body of text containing up to 1,000 words.

We hope you like it – why not try writing one now?