Employee Engagement Platform - Release - 16th Jan 2020

Today we’re really excited to release our new Audience feature, which allows people posting Trickles and Shout Abouts to choose who they would like to see the content.

The following three choices are available:

Trickle Audience Feature

The last option Whole Organisation is essentially the equivalent of making a post before this new capability was introduced i.e. the post is directed towards everyone.

My Department and My Location allow you to direct the post towards users in those areas (as defined by their profiles).

In the Activity Feed, it is now possible to switch what’s visible between Relevant To Me and Whole Organisation.  Relevant To Me is the new default.

The user is shown what the Activity Feed is set to display as shown in the screen below:

Trickle Activity Feed

By clicking the filter text, you can change all the filters including the new Filter By Relevance setting (to toggle to Whole Organisation if preferred), as shown below:

How to use Filters in the Trickle platform

Next week we will be releasing the ability for the Audience to be selected for MoodSenses.

We hope you find that this new feature gives you more flexibility in sharing content within Trickle, and as always, your feedback is welcome!

Happy Tricking!
The Trickle Team in Edinburgh